Featured in Shape Up Norway

I was interviewed as one of the "readers" of Shape Up in Norway, it came out for the October issue. And this is how it turned out....."TIPS FROM THE READERS"

What do you train and how often?
I train cardio 4-5 times a week when I run on a treadmill or outside. I also take zumba and spinning classes. I train with weights and try to focuse on the different muscles groups in creative ways.

What is your sporty goal?
To always be healthy and fit.

What is your greatest sporty moment?
When I skydived. It gave me a huge adrenalin kick!

What do you think about when you work out?
I think about my amazing Husband, whom I am so in love with.

What kind of breakfast gives you lots of energy?
Spinach smoothie. A green smoothie with only 3 ingredients: bananas, hemp seeds and spinach. Another alternative is flax meal yogurt which has lots of fiber and vitamins in it. I make this out of bananas, almondbutter, hemp seeds, oat flour and a tiny dash of water.

How do you get back into training after a period of not working out?
I think about how nice it was to work out, how good it felt to reach my training goals, and how strong and beautiful I felt. I also try to focuse on the positive side of not working out for a while. Maybe my body needed a break! But now it needs to work again.

What is on the agenda for a sporty weekend?
Go hiking, swim and wakeboard.

What do you challenge the ShapeUp readers to do right NOW?
Get out and go for walks! The goal is to see places you have never seen before. Do it several times a week.


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