Today - I`ve been a couch potato!!!

Not one of those couch potatoes that sit for years and end up fat, hairy and dying of cardiovascular disease. NO! I`ve just had a lazy day at home with some needed rest =)
I deep-vacuum cleaned (what would you call it?) our couch, made gluten free lasagna for my Husband Love Jeffrey who should be making an entrance any time now! aaaany time now..... hm,
and relaxed-  enjoyed my day in our dark gray Create and Barrel couch. It`s massive and you kinda melt into it - that's how soft it is! Love it.

 here`s me waiting to hear anything from Jeffrey.. wondering if they will make their last connection. and they didn`t.
But! I then had time to reassemble an outfit for tonight... We are going to a Halloween party with a bunch of our friends! Wooooop;)


Why do YOU work out?

Or, why don`t you? =) Getting yourself ready for a work out, can be extremely challenging. I know - believe me! Thoughts of denying that you need to do this, feeling like it`s taking too much time in your already busy schedule, sweating etc.  But then there`s the courage within you..  your passion for life, for the feeling of joy when you can say "today, I accomplished" - that drive just starts pulling through and rising to the challenge. Your preparing yourself mentally, and this one your gonna win. Leaving your head behind - you play this from your heart.....

"Workouts are like brushing my teeth; I don't think about them, I just do them.  The decision has already been made." - Patti Sue Plumer, U.S. Olympian.

This woman has records  in running from 20 years ago, that no one has been able to beat to this day.
A shift happens when you start training from you heart. Sounds like a cliche. But it`s true. So what does this mean? It means that the reasons for working out are other reasons then just fitting in to those jeans, or your vacation next month.Which, those are OK goals in themselves, but they are not lasting motivation! Training from your heart means being responsible for your health all life through. Sure I wanna look, and feel good now. But more then that is, I want to feel AWESOME when Im 40, when I`m 50. I want to be healthy and vibrant while my kids grow up. Or, I wanna be the grandma that has energy and life to give to her grandchildren!
Life will have it`s up`s and down`s - but you have the ability to choose whether it will be good or not! What I have learned through years of training is that I CAN. I got through that month of working out 3 days a week, 5AM till 7AM - I can do anything! Running that 6 mile run was hard, but if I can do that, I have established a basis for believing in myself to go through other things that are hard. 
I value myself enough to create a lifestyle where I am my best. I`m not saying that working out hard everyday is for everyone. We all go through seasons in life where we have to modify our lifestyle to our environment. But as for me, I will always come back to the simplicity of my values.

Im writing this after having instructed 135 minutes of Spinning. I had my own 45 minute class, and then our gym hosted a Breast cancer awareness donation Bootcamp which lasted for 90 minutes. Anyways, I feel exhausted. But I also feel strong. I can. You can!!!!!!

These are some of our engagement photos,  taken by the incredibly talented photographer Renee Lawnsdown.


Hot and steamy at the Fitness Resort

Sweating plays a vital part in staying healthy! Did you know that? So according to that statement, I was extremely healthy yesterday as I visited Inmotion Fitness Resort in Chico, CA. I sat in a 104 degree farenheit hot tub for 40 minutes. Then I visited the hot dry sauna till I could not breath anymore.  On top of that I spent what seemed like an eternity inside a steamroom!!  It was probably more like 7 minutes. But with almost 100% humidity I could not stand my ground in there for very long. Sweating helps regulate our bodies temperature, that's a given.

But what it also does is it helps our bodies rid itself of waste material. 
It improves blood circulation.
Cleanses and rejuvenates your skin
Promotes relaxation....and so on. 
 I took a Yoga Core class in a newly built yoga room. The walls had hooks on them, in case you wanted to hang upside down - like this lady behind me is doing. =) One thing I liked about this class was the fact that Alison Krauss was singing in the background "as I walked down in the river to pray...". One thing I didn't like so much was, how painful it was for the wrists to do all the postures and poses. Yoga might be relaxing, but it is allot of hard work. Think about it - holding yourself up in the air with only one set of toes and one hand. I don't know about your wrist, but mine are TINY!! And my toe muscles are not very much to brag about either. So I doubt Ill be adding yoga to my weekly work out routine..
I rounded up my day at the fitness resort with a spinning class. It was a great class, great instructor! Now I just need to plan my own Spinning class for tomorrow. A sprint here, some halloween music there and TA-DA. =) Are you gonna come to my class tomorrow? Yes is the only answer Ill take. lol.


My work outs - week 43

Here is how my week looks like for working out. I have loved running the last couple of weeks, it`s hard because I'm pushing myself for greater cardiovascular purposes.. but it`s good.  =) Hoping for some sunshine next week so I can run outside. The other day on a run, at one point my heart rate was 199!!! Which is crazy high! That cant possibly be far from my maximum heart rate. I am hoping to get my V02 tested soon, to see what really is my max.

Monday: Instructed a Spinning class 50 Min.
                5Mile/8Km. Run

Tuesday: 6Mile/9,2Km. Run

Wednesday: Weigh training back, abs and arms

Thursday:  Yoga core
                    Spinning 55 Min.
Friday: Free
Saturday:  Instructing a Spinning class and 90min Bootcamp

Im off to get my hair done!! ;) Later


Busy day today

Today was so busy and so fun! I will blog more tomorrow about my day at In motion Fitness resort in Chico. Right now Im just ready to sleep!!! After several classes of exercise and spa-ing, I got to spend the evening with my Dear friend Kaela. She is amazing, let me tell ya.We went and shared Tapas and just had a great time! Love my friends!! But I miss my Husband =( He is in Philadelphia?! and wont be home for another 2,5 days. So I wore his beany today....
Goooooood night sweet people out there!


Ease those sore muscles

We all love it when vacation comes around. Wether it`s an actual vacation, or just a well needed time off from a certain thing. But it is always followed by "coming back" to normal everyday schedule, and to working out again as usual. Fact is that we have to have peak seasons where we perform more and harder in our work outs. But along with that comes letting our bodies have seasons of rest and recovery. That might look like working out 3 days a week and allowing one day in between each work out for recovery and rest. Here is an example of a longer term: working out consistently (2 or more times a week) for 6 weeks followed by 2 weeks of complete rest. In doing this your body will get stronger and reap benefits of training.

Anyhow, using those muscles after rest will often give you sore muscles. We have all experienced it and we all mind it! All of a sudden walking up the stairs in your apartment seems like a bigger challenge then the actual work out... or getting back on that Spinning bike just doesn't seem possible...! You know what I`m saying? =)  As much as I put time into training, I also have had to put time into rest and recovery, and here is a few things that helps me deal with soreness:

1. I watch my diet! I make sure my body is getting enough food (meaning highly nutritious foods) to support the physical activity I have done or that I will do. I try to get allot of fresh fruits and vegetables, some protein, fiber and vitamins (Creatin, iron, B12 and B6, vitamin C)
2. Ice ice ice! After a run, I dig out that bag of frozen vegetables in my freezer and let my calf rest on it while I check my e-mail or tell my husband all about my very interesting run.
3. H2O! Try drinking at least equal amount ounce of water as minutes of working out. 40 minute work out equals 40 ounce etc.
4. Rest! relax, sleep, laugh, read, draw and destress...which leads us to the next one:
5. I take baths! A hot Epsom salt bath with lots of Eucalyptus oil/soap does any achy muscle good.
6. Get a massage! Having someone do the after work on your muscles is amazing. It increases the blood flow to the muscles which acts as an aid to the stiffness and swelling in your muscles.
 7. Get motivated for more! Some of us needs a reason to go back on that treadmill or whatever the work out is, I found that getting the actual proof of my work out in pictures is a good way to stay motivated. My muscles look toned, I am a happy girl and I take care of my health! That is something to celebrate!! So ask someone you know who`s in to photography to do a photo shoot with you, or pay a professional one! You wont regret =)

So a last tip is that as long as your muscles are sore you can actively rest. Either work out different muscles or just do light recovery cardio. For example a 30 minute of (130BPM - heart beats per minute, not very vigorous exercise) Spinning would be perfect, or a brisk walk! Then within a couple of days your body should be back to normal and you are ready to work out again.

I hope that can help someone ;)


I made it to the gym, now what?

Some people dread going to the gym, for various reasons. One reason might be that they don't know what the heck they are suppose to do. I was one of them. But it didn't stop me from going... it simply never really gave results. I would get on different machines, follow instructions (if there was any) and worked the muscle until it felt uncomfortable or boring. 
My craving for knowledge and wisdom in training came little by little. Soon enough I discovered that I wanted to become a personal trainer and fitness instructor. The next few years where spent studying to take certificates and gleaning from other trainers. Through that process I learned sooooo much. Now, my work outs are more purpose full and structured then ever. 
Working out with someone, either hire a trainer or take classes is key! Here is a couple of my favorite exercises working the core, these photoes where taken a few years ago.
Flat bench reverse trunk extension

                                                           Kneeling roll out on swiss ball

Here is how to do the swiss ball exercise: This work out promotes core strenght and stabilization.
1. Body in kneeling position on the mat or floor facing ball. 
2. Extended arms with neautral hand position, slitghly flex torsoe, lean forward and control the desent speed by applying pressure downward on the ball 
3. Come back to starting position.
 The further away the ball is from the body the harder the activity is.  

I am about to eat my breakfast, 2 slices of gluten free millet bread with raspberry jam. yum. Then Im headed out for a meeting.
Have a good day!


and here is what we carved!!!

B O O !


Pumpkin Patch!

Today has been SUCH a good day. It started out with me instructing a Spinning class at 5.15 AM, which is quit so early... but lucky me I just hurried home after the class, took a quick shower and got right back to bed. Woke up several hours later and went to Jamba Juice and Starbucks with Jeffrey, before we set out for errands all over town. The forecast for today and this whole week was rain, rain and more rain. But at 1PM the sun was shining so I went for another 5 mile/8Km run. Happiness! 

This time every year we go pumpkin patching. For those of you that don`t know, a pumpkin patch is a field where pumpkins grow...It`s a Holiday festivity where you can have lots of fun, drink apple cider, eat kettle corn and other Harvest goodies. There`s usually several scarecrows, farm animals and little trains you can get on to tour the farm. We went with our good friends Becky and Derek. In this picture Im NOT sharing my popcorn with the little pony. sorry. 
 Becky and I found some cute mini pumpkins to decorate our homes with.....
 lots of big ones =)
 He wanted a 33lb. pumpkin. Lots to carve later!


A Saturday...

Spending our evening in Pleasanton with family... And we're watching the Giants game- WOOOOOH and rallying our orange towels!!! Can you tell I'm all about it? 8th ining and it looks like we might win! GO GIANTS!
I like sitting by the fire, Jeffrey is testing out fun glasses aaand mom is cheering the loudest! Fun day for sure.

Have a beautiful evening!!


Ready for the rain?

When I was in Europe a few weeks ago I saw rain boots everywhere! Patterned ones, red ones, some with high heels and allot of plain but classy black ones. They are much needed in Norway, rainy London and also here in Northern California as it rains allot. These first two pictures are from a photoshoot I did in the spring, with The Charlotte`s, it was for Adoria Fashion show. The two Charlottes from Norway designed a beautiful line of clothes and I got to wear this. On this day it was pooring rain and the photoshoot could no longer take place out side as planned. But Charlotte is one of the most creative person I have ever met and setting up for a shoot inside her home did not take her very long.. The umbrella came in handy anyway....................................
 Here is my new pair of rain boots. I searched all over London to find them. I  could only find the left foot. I searched all over in that store, but they where Missing. Primeark is NOT the place to be 10 minutes before closing on a Sunday evening in central London. The place was crammed with people! I ended up finding them in my size at another Primeark. =)

 My sister Anette has these cute yellow rain boots. Isn`t she ADORABLE!! I love her so much!


Good morning!

Love days when morning are calm and spent with my Husband Baby Love Jeffrey! I make him coffee, he puts on music, I give him vitamins and he tells me I look beautiful... ;)

And I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world!!!!!



Had friends over for pancakes this morning. We had such a good time making then and discussing the differences of how to eat a pancake. These ones where not fluten free (I tried making GF once, and it was a big disaster!! haha)  so I made a smoothie and toasted some gluten free homemade bread muffins instead. Yum. 

xoxo Kathrine


I love fall!

Here in Redding, California it gets really warm during the summers. More like HOT - 110F/45C! And this year was no exception. We are already far out in October and it is only a few weeks since it started cooling down outside.  Yey, FALL is here, leaves are turning orange and Starbucks is selling pumpkin spice latte`s again....  and I can go for beautiful runs outside.
My new best friend (Nike Plus GPS) and I set out in the dark last night and ran 5 miles/8Km. Somehow I had lots of motivation and drive, even thou Jeffrey and I ate a huge dinner just an hour prior. My own pace and distance kept my competitive spirit up and it turned out to be a great run! When I got back I had to use frozen vegetables to cool down my achy calf's... but today I feel fine. I cannot wait to go again.

This picture below is from my friends wedding I went to on Saturday. The wedding was very cute - decorated with old wooden plates, mason jars and pomegranates. It was in a barn surrounded by beautiful green fields.

 Pumpkin patch, Caramel apple spice, corn maze, leaves and Halloween are typical fall association here in America. I am learning to connect these things to fall. Adapting to a culture very different from my own. Growing up in Norway, fall is more preparation for winter. You order new thick jackets and boots, you dig up the old wool socks your grandma knitted to you years ago and hope to find a matching pair. It seems like a very short season, lots of cold rainy days. Can we just skip to winter already, where rain turns into snow and bikes are replaced by "sparks"!...
I get to go home to Norway one more time this year! It will be 4 days full of laughter and fun in November. I`ll write more about this later.
Northern California gets rainy days all winter through, but the temperature rarely falls below 32F/0C. It`s suppose to start raining tomorrow..


Testing out the Nike+ GPS app

 This morning I set out for a little run with a newly downloaded application on my Iphone called Nike+ GPS. After setting up my profile all I had to do was start running, holding the phone in my hand. I was caught off guard when some minutes in to it my phone started speaking to me. It told me that I had ran one mile, and how fast I ran it. Loved this feature today as I was running in a foreign city. It tracked me on the GPS and helped me stay on route.
Running is very easy for me. But it was not always like that. I used to dread the thought of a hard run with hills and never ending miles ahead. Somehow I could never be satisfied with the amount of running I had achieved. With allot of grace for myself, a heart rate monitor and a month of running 5.7 miles, 5 days a week.. things started changing. My cardio foundation got strong... my motivation kicked in with having accomplished what I set out to do - running most everyday for a month and all in all I just felt strong! Here was my run today..

A run does not have to be a dull thing.  Do you run with this app..? Add me as your friend. I am not a serious athlete - I just run for fun, for the work out and for aging well...

"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
-John Bingham, running speaker and writer

One of my role models for running is my sister Anette, she loves running and she is GOOD at it! She has always been fast and light on her foot. A run has always seemed easy for her and every time I would dare to go on a run with her.. she would be nice and run with me till the very last mile.. then she would pick up her pace and just take off!! Less then a month ago she ran the Oslo Half Marathon and she loved it. So I am always pushed to run a little further with her =) And I have her to thank for this application, she used it last time we ran together.

Run with me!


Salad days

"It takes four men to dress a salad: a wise man for the salt, a madman for the pepper, a miser for the vinegar, and a spendthrift for the oil."anonymous 
The perfect salad...snuggled up in my big cozy couch after a work out, my achy muscles can now rest...and a huge bowl of salad is in front me.

 I like my salad. Green, fresh and in so many variations. I mix spinach, Romain lettuce and arugula for the base. Bell pepper, zucchini, carrots, candied walnuts, blue cheese, olive oil and vinegar are great toppings. I like to keep it simple thou. 
A few years back I was a full time vegan and mostly raw. Hours was spent in the kitchen learning to replace dairy and meat with nuts and vegetables.. raw key lime pies where made, cayenne pepper lemonade, zucchini lasagna, cashew cheese and dried taco shells made out of red bell peppers. My body felt great, my palate got used to the clean taste of fresh food and my skills in the kitchen grew. Thankful as can be for everything I learned during that time.. I transitioned back to my gluten free diet (I have celiak disease) and allowed my body to get all the necessary nutrients. So now I eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, some meat and some dairy. And I absolutely LOVE food!! anyways.. What is your favorite salad topping?
xoxo Kathrine


Got boobs?

Come work out with us on Saturday the 30th of October! It is a breast cancer benefit boot camp that will include different stations of working out with several different trainers. You dont have to be a member of the gym to come and join in for this cause, we just ask for a minimum of 5$ donation that will go straight to the Soroptimist International of Redding Breast Cancer Awareness Fund! I hope to see you there!!!


Going for a bike ride..

I love my early morning cardio work out, especially Spinning. It is a phenomenal low-impact work out that defines and tones you up really good..
some of the benefits are:
- low impact on knees and back
- maximum calories burned
- all fitness levels can do it
- it increases your endurance
- builds strength and defines muscle in your legs

And it is fun! I teach a class on Saturdays at 10.15AM at Everyday Fitness.
come and test it out - you might love it! ;)


Beets on the menu

Vegetables are a must on a diet.  I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.  ~Jim Davis
I like this quote... Infact I`m planning what cake I should bake for the weekend right now.  But for a normal day like today, some colorful highly nutritious vegetables are what goes on my plate. Lately, I have been craving beets. I know, I know - it is a strange vegetable that tastes like dirt and discolors your fingers when you touch it. On the flip side, it is a sweet beautiful vegetable with higher content of iron then even spinach... and it is known for it`s blood cleansing properties that rid the body of many unwanted ailments. So Yes please - serve me some of that! =)
About the "beautiful" part, if you cook a golden beet and peel it, you will find that it contains the colors of a sunset..
I like to eat my beets with a little bit of blue cheese and LOTS of garlic. Trust me, this meal is like heaven for your body!

When was the last time you ate beets? =)


Kickstart Challenge!

Come take my Kickstart Challenge class starting Monday the 18th - 6AM,
it will be Monday and Wednesdays for three weeks with an extra "raceday" the last week.
Get started on that healthy habit of working out in a fun and encouraging environment!!


Featured in Shape Up Norway

I was interviewed as one of the "readers" of Shape Up in Norway, it came out for the October issue. And this is how it turned out....."TIPS FROM THE READERS"

What do you train and how often?
I train cardio 4-5 times a week when I run on a treadmill or outside. I also take zumba and spinning classes. I train with weights and try to focuse on the different muscles groups in creative ways.

What is your sporty goal?
To always be healthy and fit.

What is your greatest sporty moment?
When I skydived. It gave me a huge adrenalin kick!

What do you think about when you work out?
I think about my amazing Husband, whom I am so in love with.

What kind of breakfast gives you lots of energy?
Spinach smoothie. A green smoothie with only 3 ingredients: bananas, hemp seeds and spinach. Another alternative is flax meal yogurt which has lots of fiber and vitamins in it. I make this out of bananas, almondbutter, hemp seeds, oat flour and a tiny dash of water.

How do you get back into training after a period of not working out?
I think about how nice it was to work out, how good it felt to reach my training goals, and how strong and beautiful I felt. I also try to focuse on the positive side of not working out for a while. Maybe my body needed a break! But now it needs to work again.

What is on the agenda for a sporty weekend?
Go hiking, swim and wakeboard.

What do you challenge the ShapeUp readers to do right NOW?
Get out and go for walks! The goal is to see places you have never seen before. Do it several times a week.


Everyday Fitness

Everyday Fitness is the gym I work at, the team of staff and trainers there are incredible people. They will get you motivated, in shape and help you reach your goals!! One thing I love about this gym is the way they reach out to the community.... "Cardio for cause" is a new event where you donate money to be a part of a pro longed work out session and the money goes to a specific cause or person in need.


Staying fit..

 Gotta get those ab muscles working. Gotta get my cardio training on...........Working out outside can be so much fun! There is always a park, a stair or something to use for your fitness.  Depending on the weather conditions where you live of course. BUT be creative and have fun with it!

 Here is a link to the photographer, Myriah Grubbs is amazing....!


Thank you for visiting!


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