Pumpkin Patch!

Today has been SUCH a good day. It started out with me instructing a Spinning class at 5.15 AM, which is quit so early... but lucky me I just hurried home after the class, took a quick shower and got right back to bed. Woke up several hours later and went to Jamba Juice and Starbucks with Jeffrey, before we set out for errands all over town. The forecast for today and this whole week was rain, rain and more rain. But at 1PM the sun was shining so I went for another 5 mile/8Km run. Happiness! 

This time every year we go pumpkin patching. For those of you that don`t know, a pumpkin patch is a field where pumpkins grow...It`s a Holiday festivity where you can have lots of fun, drink apple cider, eat kettle corn and other Harvest goodies. There`s usually several scarecrows, farm animals and little trains you can get on to tour the farm. We went with our good friends Becky and Derek. In this picture Im NOT sharing my popcorn with the little pony. sorry. 
 Becky and I found some cute mini pumpkins to decorate our homes with.....
 lots of big ones =)
 He wanted a 33lb. pumpkin. Lots to carve later!


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