My breakfast tasted exceptionally awesome this morning. Fueling up on oat meal porridge made with banana-hazelnut milk and cinnamon prepares me for a day of vigorous work outs and other challenges that comes along.
It might sound silly but making a choice to eat a good breakfast gives me a sense of accomplishment and belief in myself for the day. I know I`m setting myself up for success. When it`s time to work on housework, paperwork (bills) and relationships I will have enough energy and capacity to pour in to those things.

I don`t know about you, but I`m a list person. What to pick up at the grocery store. What to do for the day/week/month/year. Sometimes I write out in full sentences what I need to be doing throughout the day; 5am wake up, get dressed, 5.20am have a banana, make breakfast and pack the bags, etc.
This morning I`m thinking about lists and how they can be a tool for great success. Some people could use a list over what to Not get at the grocery store. Or how about a list of things you wanna speak over yourself. "I can do this, I am beautiful....".
There is also unwritten lists. It`s a list over things we do most every day but don`t have to write down to remember. It can also be a list over things we tell ourselves - things we believe about ourselves most everyday. This can be a positive list.

Then there's the negative list - it includes shame, guilt, doubt, fear, anxiety, anger, blame, ignorance and pain. For example, a person trying to loose weight feeds this list with shame and blame after a meal. Another example can be someone who is dealing with a messy financial situation and feeds his or her list with doubt and anxiety.

We all have areas in our lives that are challenging, but we decide every single day what direction our life will take. If you have a list that keeps filling up - without feeding your success (personal, relational, spiritual, financial etc) then start dealing with it. If the "old way" does not work, try something different. I don`t want the person trying to loose weight to hop from one diet to the other, or the messy finance person to go rob a bank. But rather take those negative lists and work through them. Then take courage and make new decisions that will fuel you towards your goals and dreams.

The sun is shining, the day is ahead of me and it`s gonna be a good one. Bring it on!


leah mari 9:18 PM  

Great post! I became a lover of lists when I was a nanny. They always made lists for me daily LoNG ones but I now so love them! I love when I get to mark off something! :-)
Also I found this really yummy recipe for carrot Cake oatmeal. I'll have to share it with you.

Stine Pedersen Photo 10:43 AM  

Alltid så kjekt å lese bloggen din! Takk for så mange gode tips og ideer!

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