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Another week is behind us and a few days of rest ahead. I look back on the last few days with a sigh and smile on my face, happy to have witnessed such a beautiful fairytale wedding. 

 I just finished my second meal of the day. A fresh green vegetable juice was my first one, now a few hours later I`m eating a bowl of Udi`s gluten free natural cereal with hazelnut milk.
One little tips for making sure we get enough food in our bodies every day is by putting numbers on our meals. So instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner (3 meals a day is not optimal) you would start calling it meal nr. 1, meal nr.2 etc.
There are plenty of reasons of why we should eat smaller meals more often; proper bowl movements, steady energy levels, muscular endurance and all over stamina -  5-6 meals a day is what we should aim for. These meals should mainly consist of vegetables, fruits, lean protein and good carbs.
As far as how many glasses of water we drink, we should aim for at least 8 big glasses of water a day. One way of counting glasses is to keep 8 thin bracelets/hair ties on our left arm, and for each glass we drink, move one over to the right arm. This might be a good idea, i`m not fully convinced =)
Anyways, about to go teach my spinning class followed by a 30 minute session of stretching. Then it will be time for my meal number 3.
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