Trust the process

The last week has been an amazing one. Traveling always brings new inspiration, like this quote I found. I was walking through San Francisco airport and saw these quotablecards. And this one in particular just stood out to me. -Slow down, calm down, don't worry, don't hurry, trust the process.- It can seem so overwhelming to focuse on our goal sometimes, they can seem so far away. Wether it's being in school, pursuing dreams, fitness related or even in relationships. It takes time to build anything that is good. 
I love my Husband, and I love being married so so much. It's been almost four years since I first met Jeffrey. We got introduced and shook hands, and I knew I had laid my eyes on a very special Man.

It has been an amazing time getting to know him and his family. You see, one of my biggest dream growing up, was to get married. But not with just anyone, The one. And going from knowing of someone, to deciding that it is Mr.Right takes allot of time. There has been thousands of conversations, laughs and hugs over the last four years. We have travelled, celebrated and cried together. It is one of those things that cannot be hurried, I think. And it is the most rewarding thing...investing in relationships. 
This fall we decided to get some photos taken with our family
Jeffrey's Mom is always so full of laughter and happiness.. Here she is holding her tummy laughing =)
My sister in law and Jeffrey's Mom
And here we are, the Kunde Men and their wifes.


Birgitte H. Eid,  3:23 AM  

Utrolig fine bilder Kathrine! Liker bloggen din, du skriver bra :)

Mrs.JKunde 8:27 AM  

Tusen takk Birgitte! Setter jeg skikkeli pris paa!!!

Anonymous,  4:37 AM  

you look so good together :-)

Pittelille 2:19 PM  

Nydelige bilder! Love u

Anonymous,  1:57 PM  

You are sooo nice girl. I don't know if I'm sensitive or what, but this post made that a tear fell down my face! You're awesome!

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