My Tuesday morning

My alarm went off at 5.30AM... So I got out of bed and out the door, a Spinning class was waiting! Sooo early for not having slept much the last couple of days. But that's ok, cause after my work out I felt more energetic then in days. My body was seriously itching to get moving again. ONLY 5 weeks til Christmas now, I don't know about you, but I feel extremely motivated to get all kinds of work out in before we end year 2010.
Here is my outfit for the day...
 My jeans are Nudie jeans, my sweater is from Bik Bok in Norway and my Espadrillos are from H&M.

Here is the play list for my Spinning class:

Vermillion - The Album Leaf
Glow - Madcon
Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis
I gotta feeling - (David Guetta) The Black Eyed Peas
Are you gonna go my way - Lenny Kravitz
Galapagos - Work out mix 2010
Seglopur - Sigur Ros
Heartbreak warfare - John Mayer


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