GF Graham Crackers

Yes, I surely was excited to bake, it has been a while since last time. Just the aroma coming from the oven while baking crackers, made it worth getting up before the sunrise.

The combination of honey, cinnamon and a few GF flours make for delicious graham crackers. Sweeter then most crackers, yet not fully as salt as most of them, a biscuit might be a better word for them, but who cares =) As long as they taste good.
This is one of those treats that are of multi use. They are fabulous just as they are, some prefer them dunked in a glass of milk. I use graham crackers as a crust in my cheesecake. One of these days I will have to try to use them in making real American s`mores. Another way to use graham crackers are to crumb them up and use as toppings on desserts or ice cream.
 Either way, it`s a sweet treat that fit`s many occasions. Like when you pull out a good book, or when you look through old photo albums. This cracker does not crumb easily and I like that.
The recipe I use is from The gluten free girl, and can be found here.


Midweek GF thoughts

I`m all curled up on my couch, winding down from a busy day. I`m thinking about sweets and cakes and how much I wanna bake. I`m also thinking about a conversation I had with a friend, about little children that suffer from digestive track issues. This seems to be a issue in our generation. Here is some of what went on in my young years:

 - As I child I was extremely particular about my food.
 - I did not like bread and not even fresh baked pastries 
 - But I loved dinner, I could eat portion after portion (dinners where always homemade and very natural so it rarely had any gluten in it).
 - As a 4 year old, every single night for months, I woke my mom up 4AM, and begged her to cook oat meal porridge for me. My mom - the sweetest person ever, could never say no to a hungry me.
 - At the annual doctors check up we were always told that I was anemic and had low blood count.
 - I was always little and short for my age.
If digestive track issues are already in the genes of the parents or extended family - be aware of how your child does when gluten is first introduced in to the diet...
"The child may gradually become irritable or listless and develop a large abdomen.  The stools will typically become abnormal, perhaps large, pale and offensive, or representative of a loose-like diarrhea.  Stools generally float because of the high content of air and fat.  The child may also vomit from time-to-time or in some cases exhibit forceful projectile vomiting with the consumption of selected gluten-containing foods.  Many children lose weight or have a failure to gain weight and the buttocks become flattened.  Some few children may become quite ill with acute diarrhea and dehydration.  Symptoms vary and are different from one celiac child to the next with no two being alike in how the condition “acts out” for them and in their bodies." - Excert from e-celiacs
Going gluten free is not the end of the world. It`s rather the opposite the beginning of a whole new life. There are many great gluten free recipes to be tried, yummi cakes, sweet treats and pizza`s to be had without the gluten "hang over".
I think I`ll go have a slice of GF toast with cinnamon and sugar. Good night


Nike Pro Combat incredible work out clothes. You can find sport bra`s and work out pants in this line in amazing colors that will brighten up any work out. I just tried on a pair of pants from this line and they were super soft and comfortable. Love it.

Off to watch The Biggest Looser. Have a good evening everyone ;)


3 Challenges/Motivators

Being healthy is more then looking "perfect/healthy". Just saying the word perfect makes me break out a little sweat =) For me, choosing to be healthy is natural and fun - it`s tiny steps to become the best I can be.

Having a few tools on hand can be just that little thing that got me from sitting on the couch, to lifting weights at the gym or going for a run. Here are a few motivators and challenges that have helped me stay motivated to keep working out:

 1. A goal - Wanna get more defined muscle? Have an event you wanna be strong for? To reach goals we have to write them down, create small steps to get us there and and keep them in front of us.

2.  A little reward - give yourself credit every now and then for where your at. Buy yourself new work out clothes, get your nails done or get a tan. These can be small little gifts that brightens up a normal day.

3. A work out buddy - Having someone to work out with can be a huge motivator. Not only can you talk and laugh through the work out, but there are also a broad range of exercises where you need two people involved to get it done.

Our genes and our cultural background plays a huge part in our current state of health, we cannot change those things. But we can shape our future and decide how it`s gonna look like. Be confident in your choices for health, and don't let others belittle your attempt.


The superfood: Quinoa

It`s a superfood that I love to use as an alternative to rice, flours and pasta. It`s pronounced keen-wha, and it`s one of those foods that you might have to go out of your way to find, but the health benefits are outstanding and makes it worth the while.

For instance, it is a "complete" protein because of the rich content of all 9 amino acids which is required by the body as the building blocks of our muscles. Another great thing is the high content of fiber and vital nutrients such as magnesium and copper.

If there is a meal I have to make on a weekly basis - it`s this quinoa dish. The healthy version of mac n`cheese, kinda, sorta. I mix in cheese for J`s dish - and leave it out for mine =)
The steps to making this dish is:
  • Cook quinoa for 15 minutes on medium to medium high heat with a dash of salt. 
  • Cut up the tomatoes, avocado and press the garlic and mix together in a bowl. 
  • When the quinoa is ready add in cheese - if desired
  • Mix with the fresh vegetables and enjoy! 
The garlic gives the meal a great flavor, the avocado makes the texture smooth and the fresh tomatoes brings a sweetness to it all. This dish works perfect alone - as a salad, it`s also tasty next to lemon baked chicken (gave that to Jeffrey), fish and other grilled foods.

Back in the days I used to eat all raw and vegan foods only. Cooked quinoa was one of those foods that I knew my body needed for the nutrition, so I never gave it up =) Have you ever tried to be on a raw diet? It`s a great transitional diet and a great way for people to learn how to eat natural food.

This is a meal that can work for most everyone - it`s allergen friendly, diet friendly and it`s easy-to-make.
Have a good evening



On Sunday evenings I like to plan my week ahead. I pull out my day planner, bake some raisin buns, sip on water and I decide on work outs for the coming week. Sometimes I write lists of things to remember, fitness goals for the week and to-do lists.
 Beautiful week ahead.. But first - A restful sleep on a soft pillow. Good night ;)


Another morning..

I started my day with instructing a spin class, which I love doing: Does not matter how we all look (sleepy faces), does not matter what the weather is like (snowing). All that matters is that we are there, and we keep the flywheel going and push ourselves a little further. We get our bodies moving, we blast off calories, and we start the day off just right.

After that I did something that turned out to be a very smart thing to do. Grocery shopping at 7.30AM - the parking lots were empty, the aisles were stocked, and the grocery clerks super friendly. I came home with some great deals, for example the allergen friendly Enjoy Life Snickerdoodle cookies. I also got 2 vanilla beans for only $4.
There are few fragrances that are as refreshing and calming as the fragrance of eucalyptus. In the flower section today, they sold bundles of the eucalyptus plant which I just had to get.
 Have a beautiful day!


4 Favorites

Today has been a simple and beautiful day. Here`s a few of the things I`ve been digging on lately..

  • Kickboxing Work outs - Helps tone muscles as it targets arms, shoulders, core and the buttocks at the same time as it can burn fat if you keep working at a cardio level. It`s a work out you can do alone, or with someone. Either way it`s allot of fun

  • Mache Lettuce - It`s without doubt a superfood, it carries vitamins like iron, vitamin C and beta carotene. This lettuce is pretty and goes well in any salad or to use on sandwiches.

  • Balsamic glaze - yummi flavorful sauce that goes on top of salad, potatoes, quinoa, meat, fish and pairs phenomenally with cilantro. It even works on desserts, like ice cream and chocolate.  
  • The song Stereo Love by Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina - awesome to work out to.
Have a wonderful evening! I am off to spend it with my best friend, she is a star, a beauty and simply incredible.


I win..

...At the end of the day, this is what you wanna be able to say to yourself: Making the choice for a higher level lifestyle is worth it. Lance Armstrong once said: "pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever". We can apply this to many circumstances in life like training or cutting the rope on certain foods.
Here`s a little secret for you that gave me hope when a restricted diet was hard to deal with.
It`s easy to think that someone with a sensitivity to gluten (including people with celiacs) has a compromised immune system. That is absolutely wrong. The opposite is true! The immune system in people with celiac disease is working way harder to fight the "bad guys" like gluten.
Yey for having a great working immune system! ;)

Practically, what does it look like to "win". When you are faced with a challenge, you don`t have to take the easy turn that will feel good only in the next few moments. You can take the road less traveled.
In my spinning classes (which everyone in Redding should come and try by the way!) I challenge them to work through what feels impossible in the moment. We are on our bikes, headed up a steep hill and we can barely "see" the top. It`s heavy gear and our muscles are aching. Giving up seems like THE solution. Just take off the gear and quit. Or, keep working, keep looking to the top, and reap the benefits once you get there. In the end of the day you can stand in front of the mirror and say "I win". Maybe you had to say no to try those nachos your friend ordered at Logans Roadhouse, or say no to your other friends birthday cake that looked like heaven on earth. Its the choices in those moments that defines who you are. The kind of person I wanted to be was a healthy, vibrant, gorgeous, creative and exhilarating person who loved life and everyone around her.

One small choice at the time, one meal at the time, one day at the time will get us closer to where we want to be. Here are a few of my tips on how to stay gluten free on the GO

  • Choose your friends wisely - Spend "eating" time with people that are flexible, kind and maybe on the same road as you in a way or the other. Avoid people that are grossed out by salad and healthy choices. No joke, I have had to defend my diet so many times.
  • Choose restaurant wisely - opt for places that serve fresh produce, brown rice, corn tacos and salads. Mexican food works well.
  • Avoid foods like - french fries (they batter foods in bread and fry them in the same oil), meats/fish with sauces that might have gluten in it, pasta, pizza (BJ`s brewery offers GF and so does a few other places in bigger city's), chinese food (PF Chang`s has a GF menu, and it`s amazing too), sushi, Buffets are the worst. 
  • Stop - going to McDonalds and those kinds of fast food places. You will never get a satisfying gluten free meal there.
  • Ask questions - don`t be afraid to have a conversation with your waiter about the food they serve - how it`s made, their work space and such. 
  • Get familiar - with the farmers markets and health food stores where you live, the GF aisles and the GF, DF, no soy, eggs etc products. Even on your travels - inform yourself ahead of time on what the options are for food. For instance, I always know where the next Wholefoods is..
  • Snack! - I`ve said it before, but your gorgeous purses will come in handy for this one.. keep a bag of almonds, raw/GF bars, apples, bananas, tea bags (no joke), GF chocolate and airborne with you at all times.
It might seem weird to people that you have strong preferences when it comes to these thing. But stick to your plan and you will reach the goals you have set out to reach. In the end.. you win =)



I`m getting trained..

yes! I am so excited and happy about getting trained by an amazing personal trainer at Everyday Fitness tomorrow morning! We are only focusing on upper body and will hit it hard to "kill" my arms. It`s gonna be GREAT =)
As a trainer and instructor I am easily motivated to push myself in my work outs, like I push others during training sessions. But there is a whole different element to it when I am the person being trained by a personal trainer  watching and pushing me to go further.
I will try to video some of it and post a snipped of it here on the blog tomorrow afternoon.

Good night!


Gluten Freedom

The sound of rain pouring down woke me up, kindly introducing me to a new day. Another day full of opportunities and time to pour our hearts out.
I wanna come back to the subject of going gluten free, which is neither quick nor easy - but many of you that try it, tend to feel allot better. And that alone makes it worth it. This is not just cutting gluten out of your diet, but embracing a whole new lifestyle. For example, where to grocery shop, what to order at a restaurant, or even facing social events and dealing with the emotional challenges specific to living a public gluten free lifestyle can all be new experiences to face. Gluten freedom gives you the opportunity to discover more about nutrition, to be a part of a growing community of fellow GF`s and to be in full control of the diet that your body needs.

Dear friends, eating is NOT suppose to hurt. It`s not OK to live in fear of how the next meal will make you feel. Food is supposed to give us energy and make us feel good.

Humans have one stomach, and that is the only chance food has to be digested. Wheat = hard to digest. Cows have four stomachs, four times to digest, and they thrive on eating wheat.
A little lesson for today: Our small intestines has walls of cells that material cannot pass through. When important vitamins and minerals are present, a protein called zonulin "tells" the passageways in the intestine wall to open up so those nutrients can pass into the bloodstream. This protein is produced when we eat wheat which produces too much zonulin and makes the gate open too wide. Now all sorts of stuff and in various amounts can get in the bloodstream, including toxins. This is called a "leaky gut".

"Allergic, sensitive or do I have celiac disease? - There is no such thing as being allergic to gluten, but you can be allergic to foods that contain gluten, wheat for example. As with any allergy, the affects are different from person to person (sneezing, nasal congestion etc).
Gluten sensitivity/intolerance is the in between diagnosis - basically your body is not reacting well to gluten. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease where the immune system responds to gluten by attacking the molecule and in doing this, also attacks our body cells. 

"In Europe the average time between discovering symptoms and diagnosing celiac disease is six months. In America, it takes an average of 11 years (!!!!) after symptoms develop." - Excerpt from the book "Gluten free for dummies".

Why is this extremely common disease so miss-diagnosed? Other than the symptoms being numerous, can it be the fact that there are no drugs for it or maybe it`s because of the cost of proper testing? (On the subject of testing: a routine blood test will not pick it up. A proper testing includes looking at the levels of iron, potassium, bicarbonate and protein levels. Stool and urine tests are common. Furthermore, a endoscopy/biopsy read by a knowledgeable doctor will give you true results). Fact is that undiagnosed - it can severely compromise our health.

Gluten free does not necessarily mean healthy - what kind of foods you choose will determine that. For instance, going on a GF diet by replacing all the products you usually ate with a GF substitute is a start, but processed food is still bad for you, gluten free or not. As with any weight loss diet, snacking on gluten free brownies will not help you shed pounds  =)

Food has become an obsession that holds many people back from becoming everything they were born to be. Unhealthy cravings, compulsive eating, or an unrelenting appetite can all lead to crippling self image issues. In fact the thought of eating can turn into something extremely stressful in itself.

I believe that there is full freedom to be had in this whole area! The kind of freedom where food is "just" fuel, but it`s also enjoyable. The kind of freedom where you are healthy, thriving and pouring out your heart - whatever that looks like.


Tea time

I love this tea. 
Waking up early usually calls for a cup of hot tea and some light reading. As you can tell it`s mostly books about food, recipes and flavors..
I also spend my mornings planning my next work out. I am thrilled about my knees being back to it`s good self and I can finally do a hard sweaty work out again.
In the spirit of Tea, plus Valentine`s Day being right around the corner; here is a good old love quote for you ;)


Gf Banana Bread

J loves banana bread. He was telling me how his mom would leave bananas in the freezer till they turned black and then bake the most incredible banana bread. Up til two days ago I had never tried it. A few years back when I worked at Starbucks, I was constantly reminded of sweets, treats and pastries I would never taste. Fortunately the aroma of coffee made me come to appreciate just that - aromas. The smell of fresh baked bread, or a lemon peel, the whiff of something sweet in the air. 

Now after having baked banana bread, I would do it again almost just because of the scent it leaves in the house. The spices mixed with sweet bananas makes for a perfect treat on a lazy Saturday morning.
Here is my recipe:
  •  1 1/2 Cup extra fine brown rice flour
  • 1/3 Cup potato starch (not potato flour)
  • 1/4 Cup tapioca flour
  • 2 beaten eggs
  • 5-6 mashed very ripe bananas
  • 1/2 Cup canola oil
  • 1 Cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 Tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 Tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 Tsp sea salt
  • 1/2 ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 ground nutmeg
  • Optional: Chopped walnuts and vanilla beans
The oven should be on 350F. Mix the dry ingredients together. Beat eggs and sugar, blend the bananas in a mixer till smooth, add all wet ingredients together and add the dry ingredients in the end. Fill a bread pan, cupcake cups, cake pan or whatever pan you want to use 2/3 full. Bake in the oven till you can stick a toothpick in it and have it come out clean. 


A Chocolate kind of a day

Yes, today is a chocolate kind of a day. Not because I need a sugar rush, not because anything bad is going on... simply because it`s chocolate. It`s a beautifying healthy (if chosen well) food. It is the #1 resource of magnesium (out of any food) - which is associated with happiness, building strong bones and balancing brain chemistry. I`ll take some of that! 

A great thing about chocolate is that very few people are allergic to it. But most chocolate bars in the store today have some kind of dairy products, which is a high allergen foods. Simple solution: make your own... 

Raw Chocolate fudge takes 7 minutes to make and taste just as good as the chocolate you can get in the store, if not way better.
Include your favorite flavors like vanilla beans, mint, berries, lavender, lemon peel, nuts and coffee. I like mine dark and rich and only in small portions
Here dipped in dried coconut flakes and almond meal.
1/4 Cup of Maple Syrup
1/4 Cup of Cacao powder (carob can also be used)
2 Tbs. Coconut oil
1 Cup Almond flour/meal
And a dash of vanilla (I use vanilla sugar)

Blend all the ingredients in a blender, 

transfer over to a bowl, 

add almond flour little by little. 

Find the perfect consistency to work with. 
Role the dough into little balls 
dip them in shredded coconut or almond flour. 
Put them in the fridge for a few hours..
 Wrap these little raw chocolate fudge`s in a little box
with some cute ribbon and give them to someone special on Valentine`s Day....
 So delicious... as dessert or just a treat
 Right outside my door there are flowers in bloom on the trees. Love the pink, sign of spring and eating a piece of chocolate. Perfection!



How is everyone`s fitness goals going? I am curious! =)
For the last 5 days my knees have been completely stressed out and not very co operative, and I have not gotten my work out`s done. This is beyond sad, but has made me realize how important our joints are.

I got on my computer and did some research and found several articles, researches and discussion boards about how dehydration can cause joint paint. "Preliminary research indicates that 8-10 glasses of water a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers". Here are some other facts I found interesting:

  • lack of water is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue
  • having a "dry mouth" is an extremely late sign of dehydration
  • 75% of all Americans are chronically dehydrated
So most of us could be drinking more water. Who`s up for a challenge?
It is said that we should drink half our body weight in oz, (if you weight 120lb. Drink 60 oz. of water etc), but I think that should be an "at least" amount. Jillian Michaels golden number for how much water to drink is 100 oz a day. There will be some bathroom run`s, but lets just get used to it and become avid water drinkers!

Here are some benefits to drinking water:
  • protects and moisturizes our joints
  • helps with our metabolism
  • regulates body temperature
  • relieves fatigue
  • reduce the risk of cancer
  • detoxifies our body
  • helps our organs to absorb nutrients better


New to GF diet

Here is to all of you that are willing to try a GF diet to see if it benefits your health. You have taken a courageous step to become powerful and successful in life. =) One of the most fundamental part about this diet is that you have an excellent chance to get to know what foods your body need. Taking away gluten is a big deal, because it`s in so many of the food items we eat on a daily basis. Gluten is the 2nd biggest additive in foods... sugar is nr. 1.  

My most important tips to you, is to become best friends with fruits and vegetables. They are packed with necessary nutrients, safe from gluten and there is countless ways to prepare them.

Here are some of my In-the-beginning-of-my-gluten-free-journey Do`s.....;

I tried to stay focused on what I could eat, rather then what I could not eat.

I discovered tea`s, "raw food" - including baking delicious raw pies, coconuts, vegetable juicing and vegan foods.

I often went to a the local bookstore, put together a stack of fancy GF books and studied recipes and other peoples experiences.

I snacked on walnut-dates, carrots, apples, almond butter, rice chips, celery sticks...



Super Sunday part 2

Life can`t only consist of cupcakes and sweets (...), but it can be full of tasty foods that have been made with love. I came across a recipe for lemon poppy seed cake, and decided to make use out of it. Baking with lemon is a fabulous thing. As usually I had to tweak some corners, and in the end I found myself with delightful breakfast muffin. I wish you all could try them.

These can be eaten as toast, and preferably with a cup of tea with lemon.
I usually cut my breakfast muffins in half and keep them in the freezer.
Off to see the Superbowl!


Super Sunday

 Sunday morning filled with sunshine and fresh fruit makes me happy. Today makes allot of people happy because it`s Super Bowl Sunday here in the US. The sport is football, and I know that there will be allot of food served throughout this day. Tri tip meat, nachos, hamburgers, hot dogs and all kinds of sweet desserts are on the menu. Whenever we go to gathering for events where there will be food to snack on, I always try to go prepared. So I made a few little treats that I will be posting throughout the day. These are baked goodies that are easy to pack in a bag and bring anywhere.
Mini Caramelized pear Pie`s can be served with a dollop of whipped vanilla cream and a warm cup of coffee. They have a sandy texture and reminded me of a pie crust, the filling is rich and sweet but just the perfect amount. 
For the base of these cakes I used a generic GF cupcake recipe. They always ask for eggs, but I skip this step because I am allergic to them. So without the eggs, the cakes gets very dense and perfect as a "coffee cake"...
Caramelized pears are super easy to make - melt butter and brown sugar, add cut up pears. Let cook for 4 minutes while you stir. The sauce (when warm) is beautiful as a topping on the dessert right before it`s eaten.
Happy Super Sunday!


Tossed spinach and potato salad

I wanted a fast but very flavor full lunch that included spinach. And when it comes to eating raw spinach - it`s a must that the dressing is incredible.

Here`s a dressing recipe that can be used on both salad and potatoes, and it is good:
  • 1/4 cup oliv oil
  • 2 tbs. Apple cider vinegar
  • 2 pressed garlic cloves
  • 1 tsp. lemon juice
  • 1 tsp salt and freshly grinded pepper
  • 1/2 tsp. Chinese mustard
  • 1 tbs. brown sugar
Boil up 3 red potatoes, in a bowl add baby spinach and 1 cut up tomato. Make the dressing in a separate bowl and mixed it well together. When the potatoes are done cut them up in cubes and toss with half of the dressing. Add the rest of the dressing to the salad and toss well. Voila.


Healing foods

When you discover you have sensitivities to gluten, you most likely have an inflamed gut. Luckily, you can now get on your way to heal it up, with a gluten free diet. It can take weeks, even months before it starts working like it should. During this time, it`s crucial to know what foods to choose, and what to stay away from.

These are foods that I found was best to avoid: dried fruit, oats, diary products, additives, caffeine, raw cruciferous vegetables and processed foods.  As I`ve said before, everyone is different, and you`ll have to learn how your body reacts to these foods. The "amount" of how much trigger food you can have before your stomach reacts, is also a crucial thing to discover as it will empower you for future success.

 Here are a few foods I have found that are nice on the gut:

  • Grape juice - grapes are phenomenal in reducing abdominal discomfort. Measure equal parts juice and sparkling water, it`s one of my favorite drinks. 
  • Vegetable juice - drinking fresh vegetable juice will give you a bunch of important nutrients, in a "pre-digested" state. I often juice carrots, or make spinach smoothies.
  • Millet bread - it`s good tasting, nutritious, Gluten Free, and can work on calming  an upset stomach. If you suspect that you ate gluten, have a slice of GF bread, it helps! mmm.. toast with cinnamon - yum.
  • Steamed vegetables - yes, I will say steamed as opposed to raw.  This is because the latter is harder to digest. 
  • Bananas - known to sooth the gastrointestinal track due to the high content of pectin, a soluble fiber that normalizes bowel function. Try blending frozen ripe bananas and serve it with fresh berries and home made granola ;)
  • Papayas - packet with enzymes that help digestion, especially in digesting protein.
  • Pears - pause.................. I love pears. Also an excellent source of pectin, they are often recommended more than other fruits because they are less likely to produce an adverse response.
Also, pay attention to what kind of food you pair together. For example, fruit is awesome on an empty stomach. But for a sensitive stomach, a slice of orange after dinner can make you bloated. I am not sure why fruit and other foods don`t work together, I just know from experience that it does not.

I have found that grains are nice to incorporate little by little. Read more in the article I wrote about The Healthier Alternative, it`s about flours and how to bake gluten free. It will help you get started on baking yummi GF foods.


Good morning

I am just stoked, thrilled and very happy this morning. There is so much to be happy about. My breakfast for example, apples with raw almond butter, pear sauce (my new food love as of late) and a couple of the protein bars I made yesterday.
Another thing I am grateful for is the feedback and the comments I`m getting for, and on this blog. Thank you sweet ones - I appreciate you so so much.

Here`s my little to do list for the day:
  • Go to the park, enjoy the sun
  • Bake?
  • Blog about "what kind of foods to eat to heal a hurt stomach"
  • Make an incredible, romantic dinner for my incredible Husband ;)
  • Got to church
  • Relax...ah yey
  • Watch The Biggest Looser (did not get to it yet)


I can`t eat gluten. Can you?

Many people ask me "what happens if you eat gluten?". My answer is that it makes me very sick - fever, muscular ache on top of puking for hours. Some of you think to yourself, "pjeh, I cant possibly have celiacs, cause that never happens to me....". Well, let me tell you this: it never happened to me either, until I went strictly gluten free.  Back in the day, what happened if I had gluten was a different story.

While having a conversation with a close friend last night, I went down memory lane - to the time before I knew I had celiacs, and I remembered how challenging many things in life were.  Constantly worrying about having a achy stomach or being bloated, I would often wear big hoodies or loose sweaters.

The symptoms to having celiac disease are so many, and can vary from person to person. If you suspect that something is wrong with your digestive track, I suggest you go to the doctor. The common signs like constipation/diarrhea, fatigue and so on are related to many different ailments.

Celiac disease is an auto immune disease, where your body attacks itself every time you eat gluten. Sound violent? It kind of is.  You may think you are just eating, but when that pizza hits your stomach, your stomach freaks out and damage takes place. Since you don`t know what`s going on, you keep eating and your stomach keeps getting more and more destroyed. At this point, your very crucial "willies" are gone, and the food you just ate passed right through without "feeding" you the important nutrition that your body needed - which is the reason why we eat in the first place. Then the discomfort sets in: growling noises are coming from your belly, and other special not-so-fun things are taking place in the next few hours, resulting in a person who is very very sick at this point! (similar to an intense 24 hour stomach flu)

One reason why it`s hard to detect celiac disease is because most people feel like it`s not just when they eat wheat that their stomach acts up. For example, you eat a piece of fruit and 10 minutes later you feel bloated and gross. Obviously that makes you think it had something to do with the fruit.
However, this is a common side affect of a stomach that`s been fighting gluten.  When your stomach is "destroyed" - it`s extremely sensitive to foods.  This is especially true with fruit (unless eaten on an empty stomach), sugary foods, foods that create mucus like dairy products, or even simply overeating.  Lastly, the body`s rejection of gluten can have the after-affect of low levels of iron and vitamin B which can often result in depression and overall energy loss.

There is much more to say about celiacs, but I will stop right there. Please believe me when I say that I did not write this to scare you, or to make you think you have any kind of disease. I simply want to share a little insider info on what it can look like. It can feel very lonely and discouraging dealing with an upset stomach for seemingly no reason. If you have any questions or just want to talk about some of these things, e-mail me at

Happy Thursday!


My work outs - week 5

My 1st class of the day is done, it was a good one. The ladies I work with this week are determined and full of zeal. They take any challenge I give them, and work till they can`t anymore.
Here is my work out schedule for this week.

Saturday - Instructed 45 min. Spin, 15 min HIIT
Sunday - 1 hour of HIIT
Monday - instructed 2 booty camp classes
Tuesday - instructed 2 booty camp classes, 40 min. HIIT
Wednesday - instructed 2 booty camp classes
Thursday - instructed the last 2 booty camp classes of this week, instructing 45 min. Spin
Friday - OFF

I`m planning on baking protein bars today, cook a nice early dinner, get laundry done and plan spin classes. Oh, almost forgot, I`m hoping to find time to watch The Biggest Looser. Love that show, Jillian and Bob are incredible trainers.

How`s your work outs going? You getting closer to your goals?

Have a wonderful day ;)


Pink Vanilla Delight

 Vanilla beans + white cake + pink icing = Party! 
 Gluten free Pink Vanilla Delight for any special occasion...



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