A Chocolate kind of a day

Yes, today is a chocolate kind of a day. Not because I need a sugar rush, not because anything bad is going on... simply because it`s chocolate. It`s a beautifying healthy (if chosen well) food. It is the #1 resource of magnesium (out of any food) - which is associated with happiness, building strong bones and balancing brain chemistry. I`ll take some of that! 

A great thing about chocolate is that very few people are allergic to it. But most chocolate bars in the store today have some kind of dairy products, which is a high allergen foods. Simple solution: make your own... 

Raw Chocolate fudge takes 7 minutes to make and taste just as good as the chocolate you can get in the store, if not way better.
Include your favorite flavors like vanilla beans, mint, berries, lavender, lemon peel, nuts and coffee. I like mine dark and rich and only in small portions
Here dipped in dried coconut flakes and almond meal.
1/4 Cup of Maple Syrup
1/4 Cup of Cacao powder (carob can also be used)
2 Tbs. Coconut oil
1 Cup Almond flour/meal
And a dash of vanilla (I use vanilla sugar)

Blend all the ingredients in a blender, 

transfer over to a bowl, 

add almond flour little by little. 

Find the perfect consistency to work with. 
Role the dough into little balls 
dip them in shredded coconut or almond flour. 
Put them in the fridge for a few hours..
 Wrap these little raw chocolate fudge`s in a little box
with some cute ribbon and give them to someone special on Valentine`s Day....
 So delicious... as dessert or just a treat
 Right outside my door there are flowers in bloom on the trees. Love the pink, sign of spring and eating a piece of chocolate. Perfection!


leah mari 4:22 PM  

looks so good

Robin,  8:46 AM  

do you take orders?

LarnĂ© 1:38 AM  

I'm doing a raw week and remembered you putting this up..its brilliant, thank you :]

Anonymous,  3:35 PM  

I love this recipe! I have not made it yet, but plan on it :) For my class we have to re-post someone's blog comment on our blog as an exchange, so I chose this one! Because I love you and your blog so much. My favorite blog of all time. Thanks Mrs. Kunde!

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