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Today has been a simple and beautiful day. Here`s a few of the things I`ve been digging on lately..

  • Kickboxing Work outs - Helps tone muscles as it targets arms, shoulders, core and the buttocks at the same time as it can burn fat if you keep working at a cardio level. It`s a work out you can do alone, or with someone. Either way it`s allot of fun

  • Mache Lettuce - It`s without doubt a superfood, it carries vitamins like iron, vitamin C and beta carotene. This lettuce is pretty and goes well in any salad or to use on sandwiches.

  • Balsamic glaze - yummi flavorful sauce that goes on top of salad, potatoes, quinoa, meat, fish and pairs phenomenally with cilantro. It even works on desserts, like ice cream and chocolate.  
  • The song Stereo Love by Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina - awesome to work out to.
Have a wonderful evening! I am off to spend it with my best friend, she is a star, a beauty and simply incredible.


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