Another morning..

I started my day with instructing a spin class, which I love doing: Does not matter how we all look (sleepy faces), does not matter what the weather is like (snowing). All that matters is that we are there, and we keep the flywheel going and push ourselves a little further. We get our bodies moving, we blast off calories, and we start the day off just right.

After that I did something that turned out to be a very smart thing to do. Grocery shopping at 7.30AM - the parking lots were empty, the aisles were stocked, and the grocery clerks super friendly. I came home with some great deals, for example the allergen friendly Enjoy Life Snickerdoodle cookies. I also got 2 vanilla beans for only $4.
There are few fragrances that are as refreshing and calming as the fragrance of eucalyptus. In the flower section today, they sold bundles of the eucalyptus plant which I just had to get.
 Have a beautiful day!


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