I win..

...At the end of the day, this is what you wanna be able to say to yourself: Making the choice for a higher level lifestyle is worth it. Lance Armstrong once said: "pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever". We can apply this to many circumstances in life like training or cutting the rope on certain foods.
Here`s a little secret for you that gave me hope when a restricted diet was hard to deal with.
It`s easy to think that someone with a sensitivity to gluten (including people with celiacs) has a compromised immune system. That is absolutely wrong. The opposite is true! The immune system in people with celiac disease is working way harder to fight the "bad guys" like gluten.
Yey for having a great working immune system! ;)

Practically, what does it look like to "win". When you are faced with a challenge, you don`t have to take the easy turn that will feel good only in the next few moments. You can take the road less traveled.
In my spinning classes (which everyone in Redding should come and try by the way!) I challenge them to work through what feels impossible in the moment. We are on our bikes, headed up a steep hill and we can barely "see" the top. It`s heavy gear and our muscles are aching. Giving up seems like THE solution. Just take off the gear and quit. Or, keep working, keep looking to the top, and reap the benefits once you get there. In the end of the day you can stand in front of the mirror and say "I win". Maybe you had to say no to try those nachos your friend ordered at Logans Roadhouse, or say no to your other friends birthday cake that looked like heaven on earth. Its the choices in those moments that defines who you are. The kind of person I wanted to be was a healthy, vibrant, gorgeous, creative and exhilarating person who loved life and everyone around her.

One small choice at the time, one meal at the time, one day at the time will get us closer to where we want to be. Here are a few of my tips on how to stay gluten free on the GO

  • Choose your friends wisely - Spend "eating" time with people that are flexible, kind and maybe on the same road as you in a way or the other. Avoid people that are grossed out by salad and healthy choices. No joke, I have had to defend my diet so many times.
  • Choose restaurant wisely - opt for places that serve fresh produce, brown rice, corn tacos and salads. Mexican food works well.
  • Avoid foods like - french fries (they batter foods in bread and fry them in the same oil), meats/fish with sauces that might have gluten in it, pasta, pizza (BJ`s brewery offers GF and so does a few other places in bigger city's), chinese food (PF Chang`s has a GF menu, and it`s amazing too), sushi, Buffets are the worst. 
  • Stop - going to McDonalds and those kinds of fast food places. You will never get a satisfying gluten free meal there.
  • Ask questions - don`t be afraid to have a conversation with your waiter about the food they serve - how it`s made, their work space and such. 
  • Get familiar - with the farmers markets and health food stores where you live, the GF aisles and the GF, DF, no soy, eggs etc products. Even on your travels - inform yourself ahead of time on what the options are for food. For instance, I always know where the next Wholefoods is..
  • Snack! - I`ve said it before, but your gorgeous purses will come in handy for this one.. keep a bag of almonds, raw/GF bars, apples, bananas, tea bags (no joke), GF chocolate and airborne with you at all times.
It might seem weird to people that you have strong preferences when it comes to these thing. But stick to your plan and you will reach the goals you have set out to reach. In the end.. you win =)



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