GF Graham Crackers

Yes, I surely was excited to bake, it has been a while since last time. Just the aroma coming from the oven while baking crackers, made it worth getting up before the sunrise.

The combination of honey, cinnamon and a few GF flours make for delicious graham crackers. Sweeter then most crackers, yet not fully as salt as most of them, a biscuit might be a better word for them, but who cares =) As long as they taste good.
This is one of those treats that are of multi use. They are fabulous just as they are, some prefer them dunked in a glass of milk. I use graham crackers as a crust in my cheesecake. One of these days I will have to try to use them in making real American s`mores. Another way to use graham crackers are to crumb them up and use as toppings on desserts or ice cream.
 Either way, it`s a sweet treat that fit`s many occasions. Like when you pull out a good book, or when you look through old photo albums. This cracker does not crumb easily and I like that.
The recipe I use is from The gluten free girl, and can be found here.


danielle 12:23 PM  

Yummy!!! These look fabulous... Makes me want to bake! =)

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