Midweek GF thoughts

I`m all curled up on my couch, winding down from a busy day. I`m thinking about sweets and cakes and how much I wanna bake. I`m also thinking about a conversation I had with a friend, about little children that suffer from digestive track issues. This seems to be a issue in our generation. Here is some of what went on in my young years:

 - As I child I was extremely particular about my food.
 - I did not like bread and not even fresh baked pastries 
 - But I loved dinner, I could eat portion after portion (dinners where always homemade and very natural so it rarely had any gluten in it).
 - As a 4 year old, every single night for months, I woke my mom up 4AM, and begged her to cook oat meal porridge for me. My mom - the sweetest person ever, could never say no to a hungry me.
 - At the annual doctors check up we were always told that I was anemic and had low blood count.
 - I was always little and short for my age.
If digestive track issues are already in the genes of the parents or extended family - be aware of how your child does when gluten is first introduced in to the diet...
"The child may gradually become irritable or listless and develop a large abdomen.  The stools will typically become abnormal, perhaps large, pale and offensive, or representative of a loose-like diarrhea.  Stools generally float because of the high content of air and fat.  The child may also vomit from time-to-time or in some cases exhibit forceful projectile vomiting with the consumption of selected gluten-containing foods.  Many children lose weight or have a failure to gain weight and the buttocks become flattened.  Some few children may become quite ill with acute diarrhea and dehydration.  Symptoms vary and are different from one celiac child to the next with no two being alike in how the condition “acts out” for them and in their bodies." - Excert from e-celiacs
Going gluten free is not the end of the world. It`s rather the opposite the beginning of a whole new life. There are many great gluten free recipes to be tried, yummi cakes, sweet treats and pizza`s to be had without the gluten "hang over".
I think I`ll go have a slice of GF toast with cinnamon and sugar. Good night


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