Frisbee golf

On Sunday we found a park. It had big fields of grass, perfectly placed benches, massive trees and a frisbee golf court. J had shared stories from last year of his adventures here. I was excited to try out a new game and to soak up some sun, most of all I was excited to spend quality time with my very best friend, my Husband J.

 I quickly realized that Frisbee golf (or more correctly disc golf) is allot of fun
"The object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc." -Rules,
Not that I can brag about my well-done-ness (scored 15 over par), but I loved the simplicity of just throwing the disc and doing my very best.
This is a perfect Sunday Fun-day game for families, friends and can even be done alone. Click here, and search for courses close to where you live. It`not just a recreational activity - there can be several fitness benefits of playing this game. Throwing the disc works muscle strength, walking the hilly course can work your heart/aerobic fitness and the mental challenge can lead to emotional relaxation.
Some of us need exercise disguised as fun =)


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