Cheesecake. Not the heavy kind, not the oven kind, but the nice kind of cheesecake. The gluten free kind.
Sigh, I know, Dear gluten sensitive People out there. By now you are probably accustomed to asking "what`s in it? Can I speak to the chef please? Was it made.. next to wheat flour by chance?" And then the people you are with starts asking you questions "Why? What can`t you have?" Then comes the "ooh no"`s and sad looks. You learn, or have learned to live "without",  now - your friends are trying to get a grasp of what you are living without.
In the start it seems very unfair to have to restrict our diet. You find yourself spending twice the amount of time at the grocery store - reading labels. Bathroom runs for crying a tear or two, while everyone is eating normal pizza is all in the past - well at least by a week. You ask yourself "is there anything I CAN eat? Is this some kind of twisted science project I`m in, that I don`t know about? Am I being secretly videoed?!"
This first confusing season comes to an end when you accept the restriction, and start looking ahead. Like a kid on a treasure hunt you enjoy exploring the world of nuts and flours. Cheese is your friend like never before (if you can have dairy that is). Mediterranean, Mexican and other nationality - foods are being explored. Little by little you find that there is actually quit a few restaurants with GF menus.

For the final season of transitioning into this new lifestyle many people move in to the kitchen. Tools you`ve never seen before, 11 different types of flours and machines are crowding your counter top, but you don`t see this as a mess. It`s just a part of it.
Getting up way before the sun just to bake a few sneaky cookies. Sneaky because you might even get away with not having to say they are GF. They just taste amazing. Most of the time Not, so you throw it away, take out the trash and pretend like nothing ever happened. It`s all good.

So anyway, this is the kind of cheesecake that has been time tested and is proven to be good. Well, good is a faint word.. awesome (like Californians would say it), YUM!!, wow or "this is incredible".
I can count all the ingredients on one hand, it takes little effort to make and will provide your gorgeous hard working body with a healthy portion of proteins and iron with the cottage cheese in the cake. Yup, that`s right, cottage cheese.
I saw my cousin make this cheesecake back in `97, and it has stayed with me - tweeked to fit a GF standard of course. All you need is:
  • GF graham crackers. Either bake and use this recipe, or get them from the brand Smorables
  • Unsalted butter and 3 Medjool dates
  • Organic heavy cream
  • Organic fat free cottage cheese
  • Lemon jello (I use a Norwegian brand Freia)
Step 1. Crush the crackers in a mixer, add melted butter and the dates. Press this down in a cake pan and set in the refrigerator.
Step 2. Cook the jello, let it cool. Whip the cream, carefully mix in the cottage cheese with a spatula. Mix in half of the cooled jello and pour it in the cake pan. Let it sit in the fridge for 1 hour before you pour the rest of the jello on top of the cream. Let it sit over night before you serve it.


Kristina og Petter 5:08 AM  

Du har en så herlig blogg, Mrs Kunde ;D
Photoene dine er nydelige!! Du er så kreativ!

Robin,  6:47 AM  

haha, lagde ostekake selv i helga! var ikke like sunn som denne da...

Eldrid 3:31 AM  

mmmm så godt!
Gleder meg til å pröve denne:)
Tak for gode og sunne oppskrifter!

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