I heart oranges

Early morning.. sunrise.. nothing is better in the AM then to start it off just right. With a big glass of cold water and slices of fresh cut oranges.

Oranges are a citrus fruit which can boast of high nutritious value. We know they are full of Vitamin C - one orange gives us 116.2% of the daily dose.  Also, one orange supply 12.5% of the dietary fiber intake. Read more about the benefits of eating oranges here.
They are one of the most popular fruit in the whole world, and can easily be found most anywhere all year long. I get mine (3 boxes = on full trunk load) from my in law`s back yard. They are beautifully in season right now.


Charlotte 10:33 AM  

Jeg spiser så mange appelsiner om dagen at jeg frykter at lille tulla kommer ut oransje:) Bloggen din har blitt så fin forresten!

Mrs.Kunde 12:00 PM  

nååååh....Charlotte du er så skjønn! ;) det kan ikke være lenge til nå..? Gla i deg vennen

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