The superfood: Quinoa

It`s a superfood that I love to use as an alternative to rice, flours and pasta. It`s pronounced keen-wha, and it`s one of those foods that you might have to go out of your way to find, but the health benefits are outstanding and makes it worth the while.

For instance, it is a "complete" protein because of the rich content of all 9 amino acids which is required by the body as the building blocks of our muscles. Another great thing is the high content of fiber and vital nutrients such as magnesium and copper.

If there is a meal I have to make on a weekly basis - it`s this quinoa dish. The healthy version of mac n`cheese, kinda, sorta. I mix in cheese for J`s dish - and leave it out for mine =)
The steps to making this dish is:
  • Cook quinoa for 15 minutes on medium to medium high heat with a dash of salt. 
  • Cut up the tomatoes, avocado and press the garlic and mix together in a bowl. 
  • When the quinoa is ready add in cheese - if desired
  • Mix with the fresh vegetables and enjoy! 
The garlic gives the meal a great flavor, the avocado makes the texture smooth and the fresh tomatoes brings a sweetness to it all. This dish works perfect alone - as a salad, it`s also tasty next to lemon baked chicken (gave that to Jeffrey), fish and other grilled foods.

Back in the days I used to eat all raw and vegan foods only. Cooked quinoa was one of those foods that I knew my body needed for the nutrition, so I never gave it up =) Have you ever tried to be on a raw diet? It`s a great transitional diet and a great way for people to learn how to eat natural food.

This is a meal that can work for most everyone - it`s allergen friendly, diet friendly and it`s easy-to-make.
Have a good evening


Mari 5:09 AM  

Dette skal eg prøve! Kjøpte faktisk Quinoafor første gang for nokon dagar sidan, men har ikkje prøvd ennå så det passa perfekt med oppskriftsforslag.

-Kathrine Kunde- 3:56 PM  

Hei Mari!!! Åh nå er det evig lenge siden jeg har sett deg =/
Koseli me "comment" fra deg vennen.
Stooor klem fra meg, håper du har det kjempebra!

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