New year, new work outs..

Transitioning back to everyday working out routines is exciting to me. Holiday season is over, summer is not far away. This is the perfect time to start planning by setting goals and visualizing change. 
My first work out of the year went a little something like this:
  • I ran 4 miles in 27 minutes
  • 30 Ninja jumps 
  • Ab crunches
 Goal #2 This year I want to see great results as I work out with heavier weights

What are your fitness goals?


Robin,  4:04 PM  

jog up trælnes mountain in under 30 minutes.

Mrs.JKunde 4:33 PM  

Kuuult! den første biten e verst... så bratt! =)

HeatherA 12:38 PM  

Ummm, maybe one of these days I'll be able to do a workout like that! WOW! AHHHmazing!!! Truly you are so inspiring!

Groomy 1:49 AM  

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