Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

 First Monday of the year is here, many of us are back at work and busy schedules. I want to encourage you to prioritize your work outs because there are so many benefits to it. If you are relatively new to exercising, or coming back after pregnancy or injury, then start by taking small steps. Walking, biking or a fun class at a gym are good options. 
For those of you that have been regularly working out for a while - fuel that motivation and start chasing after new goals. One small step at the time will make up for a big goal achieved. Some of us have to dig a little deeper to find inspiration. Maybe a reminder of how good it feels to have accomplished a hard work out, or 2 long miles that seemed impossible at first is all that's needed. Maybe you need a few more reasons to hit the treadmill again..

Aerobic means "with oxygen", and refers to exercises that are intended to improve the oxygen system. It is an activity that is long in duration yet low in intensity. Examples are jogging, swimming, jump rope, elliptical trainer, bicycling and walking etc. Here are some of the main benefits by training aerobically:

  • Burns fat - When exercising at aerobic rates your body prefers fat for fuel, and it learns to do this 24 hours a day
  • Strengthens immune system - Research show that we increase "fighter" cells that can help protect against diseases
  • Aid in sleeping - the balance in our body improves by exercising so now theres a better environment for rest
  • Improved energy 
  • Psychological benefits - can decrease stress, anxiety and depression. Can foster feelings of well-being. 
  • Better stamina - a strong heart can go stronger longer
What are some things that motivate you?

I better get back to working, I am planning for Spinning classes - I teach 4 this week. Plus preparing Booty camps and other events. Hope your day is productive and full of love!


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