3 Challenges/Motivators

Being healthy is more then looking "perfect/healthy". Just saying the word perfect makes me break out a little sweat =) For me, choosing to be healthy is natural and fun - it`s tiny steps to become the best I can be.

Having a few tools on hand can be just that little thing that got me from sitting on the couch, to lifting weights at the gym or going for a run. Here are a few motivators and challenges that have helped me stay motivated to keep working out:

 1. A goal - Wanna get more defined muscle? Have an event you wanna be strong for? To reach goals we have to write them down, create small steps to get us there and and keep them in front of us.

2.  A little reward - give yourself credit every now and then for where your at. Buy yourself new work out clothes, get your nails done or get a tan. These can be small little gifts that brightens up a normal day.

3. A work out buddy - Having someone to work out with can be a huge motivator. Not only can you talk and laugh through the work out, but there are also a broad range of exercises where you need two people involved to get it done.

Our genes and our cultural background plays a huge part in our current state of health, we cannot change those things. But we can shape our future and decide how it`s gonna look like. Be confident in your choices for health, and don't let others belittle your attempt.


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