The thing about almonds

Since I made my goodie list some weeks ago, I have been wanting to dive deeper about the benefits of almonds. Almonds is an amazingly nutrious nut and a very healthy snack. here is a few of the benefits:
  • High in the health promoting monounsaturated fat which reduces risk of heart disease
  • Promote cardiovascular health by providing important electrolytes
  • helps decrease blood sugar rise after meals

Some practical tips for eating almonds 4 times a week:
  •  Keep raw almonds in your purse for random need of snack
  • Raw Almond butter with apples is amazing
  • Make flour of it and use it in you pie crust
  • Add a handful of almonds to you morning smoothie
  • Chop it up and put it in your fruit punch or Glogg (Norwegian spiced Christmas drink)
I'm always for eating many smaller meals every day, versus 2 LARGE meals only. Adding a healthy snack can make huge differences in balancing out the hunger rush that hits out of nowhere. Plus it keeps your metabolism working.
I will have my almonds today in a big cup of hot Glogg, the rain is pouring outside, my friends are on their way over, we are baking Christmas cookies.


Eldrid 6:08 AM  

mmm sounds like a perfect day!
Alltid like kosleig å komme innpå her..
Du e så flink å skrive inspirerende:)
Skikkelig frisk pust i kvardagen å ta en titt innom bloggen din:)


Lisa,  11:38 AM  

Sounds exciting! I hope you have fun making cookies :) Glad to see you are doing well Kat!

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