Beautiful morning indeed. The Farmers market in Redding is in full swing and already have quit a few stands up. This is exciting! For all you Redding people - you can find the farmers market down by the city hall on Saturdays from 7AM to noon. After checking out the stands, you can walk around beautiful gardened areas with fun sculptures and fountains that are nice to just hang out around.
There was not much fruit yet to be purchased - but there was a few stands of colorful vegetables, herbs and plants. I brought some onions, beets and chard leaves. Plus a packet of 3 peanut butter cookies for the husband, for the simple price of $1!

Beets are full of incredible vitamins, both in the heart of the vegetable and in the leaves. I got a bunch for $2 at the market and decided to add it in my juice. Along with cabbage, chard and a few carrots it made up for the strongest vegetable juice I have ever made. Wehw! Beet juice can come in handy in baking and garnishing food. I juiced one beet with its stem and got a shot glass of juice. I knew this was gonna be too strong to drink (after that first juice..) so I mixed it with quinoa. Pink food is always more fun=) Use beet juice as food coloring in cakes, cupcakes and icing.
I wish I had done this with my last cake. It would have looked much more delicious then what it came out to be (beige isch color). Anyway, some of you asked for the recipe for that cake, and here it is (the recipe is from raw bento`s blog):  

Recipe for Raw cheesecake:
Cheesecake filling (in a high-speed blender):
2 cups soaked cashews
Juice of 1/2 lemon
3-4 pieces of lemon zest
3/4 cup nut milk
4 tbs maple syrup
2 scraped vanilla beans

Crust (in a food processor):
1 cup walnuts, soaked
1/2 cup sunflower seeds, soaked
8 dates
Dash of nutmeg
Dash of cinnamon
Make the crust and work it into a pie pan, then when the filling is ready pour it over and set it in the freezer. This cake goes with allot of different toppings. Drizzle your favorite nuts on top, caramel sauce, berry sauce or a dash of whipped cream.

I have to give a little thanks to my wonderful Spinning enthusiast! They come to my classes with beautiful big smiles, ready to work hills, climbs and whatever else I give them as a road map. You know who you are - and I just have to say again - thank you! You guys are so amazing and so much fun to pursue fitness with. I am working on getting another class going for Tuesdays at 4PM. I will keep you all posted on this subject.


Emma Suarez,  11:35 PM  

Thanks for the recipe, and for taking care of our spinning needs! I look forward to more chances to burn calories and get strong on the bike. E

Anonymous,  8:07 AM  


Love Anna Hellebronth

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