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Here is to all of you that are willing to try a GF diet to see if it benefits your health. You have taken a courageous step to become powerful and successful in life. =) One of the most fundamental part about this diet is that you have an excellent chance to get to know what foods your body need. Taking away gluten is a big deal, because it`s in so many of the food items we eat on a daily basis. Gluten is the 2nd biggest additive in foods... sugar is nr. 1.  

My most important tips to you, is to become best friends with fruits and vegetables. They are packed with necessary nutrients, safe from gluten and there is countless ways to prepare them.

Here are some of my In-the-beginning-of-my-gluten-free-journey Do`s.....;

I tried to stay focused on what I could eat, rather then what I could not eat.

I discovered tea`s, "raw food" - including baking delicious raw pies, coconuts, vegetable juicing and vegan foods.

I often went to a the local bookstore, put together a stack of fancy GF books and studied recipes and other peoples experiences.

I snacked on walnut-dates, carrots, apples, almond butter, rice chips, celery sticks...



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