My work outs - week 5

My 1st class of the day is done, it was a good one. The ladies I work with this week are determined and full of zeal. They take any challenge I give them, and work till they can`t anymore.
Here is my work out schedule for this week.

Saturday - Instructed 45 min. Spin, 15 min HIIT
Sunday - 1 hour of HIIT
Monday - instructed 2 booty camp classes
Tuesday - instructed 2 booty camp classes, 40 min. HIIT
Wednesday - instructed 2 booty camp classes
Thursday - instructed the last 2 booty camp classes of this week, instructing 45 min. Spin
Friday - OFF

I`m planning on baking protein bars today, cook a nice early dinner, get laundry done and plan spin classes. Oh, almost forgot, I`m hoping to find time to watch The Biggest Looser. Love that show, Jillian and Bob are incredible trainers.

How`s your work outs going? You getting closer to your goals?

Have a wonderful day ;)


Heather Armstrong 9:42 PM  

I think I need to join your gym!! :)
You are so inspiring!

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