Super Sunday

 Sunday morning filled with sunshine and fresh fruit makes me happy. Today makes allot of people happy because it`s Super Bowl Sunday here in the US. The sport is football, and I know that there will be allot of food served throughout this day. Tri tip meat, nachos, hamburgers, hot dogs and all kinds of sweet desserts are on the menu. Whenever we go to gathering for events where there will be food to snack on, I always try to go prepared. So I made a few little treats that I will be posting throughout the day. These are baked goodies that are easy to pack in a bag and bring anywhere.
Mini Caramelized pear Pie`s can be served with a dollop of whipped vanilla cream and a warm cup of coffee. They have a sandy texture and reminded me of a pie crust, the filling is rich and sweet but just the perfect amount. 
For the base of these cakes I used a generic GF cupcake recipe. They always ask for eggs, but I skip this step because I am allergic to them. So without the eggs, the cakes gets very dense and perfect as a "coffee cake"...
Caramelized pears are super easy to make - melt butter and brown sugar, add cut up pears. Let cook for 4 minutes while you stir. The sauce (when warm) is beautiful as a topping on the dessert right before it`s eaten.
Happy Super Sunday!


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