Good morning

I am just stoked, thrilled and very happy this morning. There is so much to be happy about. My breakfast for example, apples with raw almond butter, pear sauce (my new food love as of late) and a couple of the protein bars I made yesterday.
Another thing I am grateful for is the feedback and the comments I`m getting for, and on this blog. Thank you sweet ones - I appreciate you so so much.

Here`s my little to do list for the day:
  • Go to the park, enjoy the sun
  • Bake?
  • Blog about "what kind of foods to eat to heal a hurt stomach"
  • Make an incredible, romantic dinner for my incredible Husband ;)
  • Got to church
  • Relax...ah yey
  • Watch The Biggest Looser (did not get to it yet)


Eldrid 10:04 AM  

Du e fantastisk Kathrine!!!

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