My work outs - week 43

Here is how my week looks like for working out. I have loved running the last couple of weeks, it`s hard because I'm pushing myself for greater cardiovascular purposes.. but it`s good.  =) Hoping for some sunshine next week so I can run outside. The other day on a run, at one point my heart rate was 199!!! Which is crazy high! That cant possibly be far from my maximum heart rate. I am hoping to get my V02 tested soon, to see what really is my max.

Monday: Instructed a Spinning class 50 Min.
                5Mile/8Km. Run

Tuesday: 6Mile/9,2Km. Run

Wednesday: Weigh training back, abs and arms

Thursday:  Yoga core
                    Spinning 55 Min.
Friday: Free
Saturday:  Instructing a Spinning class and 90min Bootcamp

Im off to get my hair done!! ;) Later


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