Hot and steamy at the Fitness Resort

Sweating plays a vital part in staying healthy! Did you know that? So according to that statement, I was extremely healthy yesterday as I visited Inmotion Fitness Resort in Chico, CA. I sat in a 104 degree farenheit hot tub for 40 minutes. Then I visited the hot dry sauna till I could not breath anymore.  On top of that I spent what seemed like an eternity inside a steamroom!!  It was probably more like 7 minutes. But with almost 100% humidity I could not stand my ground in there for very long. Sweating helps regulate our bodies temperature, that's a given.

But what it also does is it helps our bodies rid itself of waste material. 
It improves blood circulation.
Cleanses and rejuvenates your skin
Promotes relaxation....and so on. 
 I took a Yoga Core class in a newly built yoga room. The walls had hooks on them, in case you wanted to hang upside down - like this lady behind me is doing. =) One thing I liked about this class was the fact that Alison Krauss was singing in the background "as I walked down in the river to pray...". One thing I didn't like so much was, how painful it was for the wrists to do all the postures and poses. Yoga might be relaxing, but it is allot of hard work. Think about it - holding yourself up in the air with only one set of toes and one hand. I don't know about your wrist, but mine are TINY!! And my toe muscles are not very much to brag about either. So I doubt Ill be adding yoga to my weekly work out routine..
I rounded up my day at the fitness resort with a spinning class. It was a great class, great instructor! Now I just need to plan my own Spinning class for tomorrow. A sprint here, some halloween music there and TA-DA. =) Are you gonna come to my class tomorrow? Yes is the only answer Ill take. lol.


Eldrid 12:55 PM  

You make me *smile*
Så sant, yoga ser ganske så avslappende ut, men fy så mye slit..!!..
Spinning høres fantastisk ut.
gleder meg til å ta sauna nå, godt å ta det nå når det går mot kaldere tider. Redding har vel gratis sauna så å si året rundt, heldig du.:)Savner Redding eg...and you!
Lykke til i dag!

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