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We all love it when vacation comes around. Wether it`s an actual vacation, or just a well needed time off from a certain thing. But it is always followed by "coming back" to normal everyday schedule, and to working out again as usual. Fact is that we have to have peak seasons where we perform more and harder in our work outs. But along with that comes letting our bodies have seasons of rest and recovery. That might look like working out 3 days a week and allowing one day in between each work out for recovery and rest. Here is an example of a longer term: working out consistently (2 or more times a week) for 6 weeks followed by 2 weeks of complete rest. In doing this your body will get stronger and reap benefits of training.

Anyhow, using those muscles after rest will often give you sore muscles. We have all experienced it and we all mind it! All of a sudden walking up the stairs in your apartment seems like a bigger challenge then the actual work out... or getting back on that Spinning bike just doesn't seem possible...! You know what I`m saying? =)  As much as I put time into training, I also have had to put time into rest and recovery, and here is a few things that helps me deal with soreness:

1. I watch my diet! I make sure my body is getting enough food (meaning highly nutritious foods) to support the physical activity I have done or that I will do. I try to get allot of fresh fruits and vegetables, some protein, fiber and vitamins (Creatin, iron, B12 and B6, vitamin C)
2. Ice ice ice! After a run, I dig out that bag of frozen vegetables in my freezer and let my calf rest on it while I check my e-mail or tell my husband all about my very interesting run.
3. H2O! Try drinking at least equal amount ounce of water as minutes of working out. 40 minute work out equals 40 ounce etc.
4. Rest! relax, sleep, laugh, read, draw and destress...which leads us to the next one:
5. I take baths! A hot Epsom salt bath with lots of Eucalyptus oil/soap does any achy muscle good.
6. Get a massage! Having someone do the after work on your muscles is amazing. It increases the blood flow to the muscles which acts as an aid to the stiffness and swelling in your muscles.
 7. Get motivated for more! Some of us needs a reason to go back on that treadmill or whatever the work out is, I found that getting the actual proof of my work out in pictures is a good way to stay motivated. My muscles look toned, I am a happy girl and I take care of my health! That is something to celebrate!! So ask someone you know who`s in to photography to do a photo shoot with you, or pay a professional one! You wont regret =)

So a last tip is that as long as your muscles are sore you can actively rest. Either work out different muscles or just do light recovery cardio. For example a 30 minute of (130BPM - heart beats per minute, not very vigorous exercise) Spinning would be perfect, or a brisk walk! Then within a couple of days your body should be back to normal and you are ready to work out again.

I hope that can help someone ;)


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