I made it to the gym, now what?

Some people dread going to the gym, for various reasons. One reason might be that they don't know what the heck they are suppose to do. I was one of them. But it didn't stop me from going... it simply never really gave results. I would get on different machines, follow instructions (if there was any) and worked the muscle until it felt uncomfortable or boring. 
My craving for knowledge and wisdom in training came little by little. Soon enough I discovered that I wanted to become a personal trainer and fitness instructor. The next few years where spent studying to take certificates and gleaning from other trainers. Through that process I learned sooooo much. Now, my work outs are more purpose full and structured then ever. 
Working out with someone, either hire a trainer or take classes is key! Here is a couple of my favorite exercises working the core, these photoes where taken a few years ago.
Flat bench reverse trunk extension

                                                           Kneeling roll out on swiss ball

Here is how to do the swiss ball exercise: This work out promotes core strenght and stabilization.
1. Body in kneeling position on the mat or floor facing ball. 
2. Extended arms with neautral hand position, slitghly flex torsoe, lean forward and control the desent speed by applying pressure downward on the ball 
3. Come back to starting position.
 The further away the ball is from the body the harder the activity is.  

I am about to eat my breakfast, 2 slices of gluten free millet bread with raspberry jam. yum. Then Im headed out for a meeting.
Have a good day!


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