Ready for the rain?

When I was in Europe a few weeks ago I saw rain boots everywhere! Patterned ones, red ones, some with high heels and allot of plain but classy black ones. They are much needed in Norway, rainy London and also here in Northern California as it rains allot. These first two pictures are from a photoshoot I did in the spring, with The Charlotte`s, it was for Adoria Fashion show. The two Charlottes from Norway designed a beautiful line of clothes and I got to wear this. On this day it was pooring rain and the photoshoot could no longer take place out side as planned. But Charlotte is one of the most creative person I have ever met and setting up for a shoot inside her home did not take her very long.. The umbrella came in handy anyway....................................
 Here is my new pair of rain boots. I searched all over London to find them. I  could only find the left foot. I searched all over in that store, but they where Missing. Primeark is NOT the place to be 10 minutes before closing on a Sunday evening in central London. The place was crammed with people! I ended up finding them in my size at another Primeark. =)

 My sister Anette has these cute yellow rain boots. Isn`t she ADORABLE!! I love her so much!


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