I love fall!

Here in Redding, California it gets really warm during the summers. More like HOT - 110F/45C! And this year was no exception. We are already far out in October and it is only a few weeks since it started cooling down outside.  Yey, FALL is here, leaves are turning orange and Starbucks is selling pumpkin spice latte`s again....  and I can go for beautiful runs outside.
My new best friend (Nike Plus GPS) and I set out in the dark last night and ran 5 miles/8Km. Somehow I had lots of motivation and drive, even thou Jeffrey and I ate a huge dinner just an hour prior. My own pace and distance kept my competitive spirit up and it turned out to be a great run! When I got back I had to use frozen vegetables to cool down my achy calf's... but today I feel fine. I cannot wait to go again.

This picture below is from my friends wedding I went to on Saturday. The wedding was very cute - decorated with old wooden plates, mason jars and pomegranates. It was in a barn surrounded by beautiful green fields.

 Pumpkin patch, Caramel apple spice, corn maze, leaves and Halloween are typical fall association here in America. I am learning to connect these things to fall. Adapting to a culture very different from my own. Growing up in Norway, fall is more preparation for winter. You order new thick jackets and boots, you dig up the old wool socks your grandma knitted to you years ago and hope to find a matching pair. It seems like a very short season, lots of cold rainy days. Can we just skip to winter already, where rain turns into snow and bikes are replaced by "sparks"!...
I get to go home to Norway one more time this year! It will be 4 days full of laughter and fun in November. I`ll write more about this later.
Northern California gets rainy days all winter through, but the temperature rarely falls below 32F/0C. It`s suppose to start raining tomorrow..


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