Salad days

"It takes four men to dress a salad: a wise man for the salt, a madman for the pepper, a miser for the vinegar, and a spendthrift for the oil."anonymous 
The perfect salad...snuggled up in my big cozy couch after a work out, my achy muscles can now rest...and a huge bowl of salad is in front me.

 I like my salad. Green, fresh and in so many variations. I mix spinach, Romain lettuce and arugula for the base. Bell pepper, zucchini, carrots, candied walnuts, blue cheese, olive oil and vinegar are great toppings. I like to keep it simple thou. 
A few years back I was a full time vegan and mostly raw. Hours was spent in the kitchen learning to replace dairy and meat with nuts and vegetables.. raw key lime pies where made, cayenne pepper lemonade, zucchini lasagna, cashew cheese and dried taco shells made out of red bell peppers. My body felt great, my palate got used to the clean taste of fresh food and my skills in the kitchen grew. Thankful as can be for everything I learned during that time.. I transitioned back to my gluten free diet (I have celiak disease) and allowed my body to get all the necessary nutrients. So now I eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, some meat and some dairy. And I absolutely LOVE food!! anyways.. What is your favorite salad topping?
xoxo Kathrine


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