Today - I`ve been a couch potato!!!

Not one of those couch potatoes that sit for years and end up fat, hairy and dying of cardiovascular disease. NO! I`ve just had a lazy day at home with some needed rest =)
I deep-vacuum cleaned (what would you call it?) our couch, made gluten free lasagna for my Husband Love Jeffrey who should be making an entrance any time now! aaaany time now..... hm,
and relaxed-  enjoyed my day in our dark gray Create and Barrel couch. It`s massive and you kinda melt into it - that's how soft it is! Love it.

 here`s me waiting to hear anything from Jeffrey.. wondering if they will make their last connection. and they didn`t.
But! I then had time to reassemble an outfit for tonight... We are going to a Halloween party with a bunch of our friends! Wooooop;)


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