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 Woke up this morning to a freezing cold apartment, it`s like out of nowhere the fall just hit us. I hear rumors about snow falling in Tønsberg, Norway today.. and we are only a couple of days away!! =) Packing, loading up on vitamins, cleaning our home, laundry and finishing christmas shopping for my dear family in Norway - yup thats right - christmas shopping, is all on my list of things to do today.
This week I´ve been taking it very easy, I felt like a cold was coming on so no running for me this week. I did some Pilate`s yesterday, and some core training earlier this week.

Anyways...I'm absolutely thrilled about travelling this weekend! Some of the million reasons are:
 - I get to travel WITH my Husband (!!!),
 - and my friends (The Quilala family, Josh, Nathan, Brandon and Jonathan
 - I will see my mom, my nieces and nephews...and other friends!
 - Norway, Norway, Norway (a reason in itself)

I always pack a little snack-pack with me when I travel, but a little refreshment is also good to have when running errands around town or just to keep in your kitchen to nibble on while cooking.

- Figs - When fresh and in season
- Almonds - packed full of nutrition
- Tea - hot or iced, white, green, fruity, with a splash of milk, or a spoonful of honey.
- Iced grapes - rinse your favorite grapes and pop toss them in the freezer.
- Sweet potato chips and hummus - Thank you Trader Joe`s
- Air popcorn - pop it in an airpoper with coconut oil, spiced with nutritional yeast and some sea salt
- Raw Prana Bar - apricot goji is my favorite. Love to find this one on the bottom of my purse after a good long work out. So tasty!


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