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Most all gyms are fully equipped with all kinds of weights, machines, treadmills, elliptical...etc. I like using and having allot of options when I work out. Right now I only have to think about my Husband and our home, and so most days I'm able to go to the gym - my work place. I know for allot of people that isn`t the case. Some of you are very busy stay at home Moms, some of you can`t afford a gym membership on top of all the other bills, some of you work from the early sunrise to late sunset and any spare time to go to the gym just won`t happen. Making that work out happening can still be achieved!

It all starts with you. If you want it, you have to go get it! Same with living a lifestyle of health. We all want our muscles to stay strong so that means going after strengthening them. One suggestion of mine is to get your home to work for you! Men have their video games and gun cabinets, kids have toys and their own sized furniture... investing a little money and space for equipment that will help your health is a must! I'm not talking about a massive elliptical, just a few weights and a mat for starters. At Play it again Sports, you can buy cute little colored weights for very cheap.
I have bought a couple ones, different weights and color, and I love them! Having those around in my house reminds me of using them and so at random times, I do! While watching a movie, or if I have 10 minutes before I have to go do something. With a little determination, I can be using those weights up to several times in a day and know that I have done something good for myself.

Another way of finding a good deal is to stay up to date on Craigslist, the ads in your local paper and at the thrift stores around. Especially if you are craving a cardio machine that can be expensive new. Some years back my friend was getting in to Pilate`s, she was able to hunt down a complete Pilate`s machine for 9$, actually one for her and one for me. Yeah - 9$!!! We had a blast learning new techniques and work outs, just at home.

There is so much more to it.... safety, "how-to-get results", what to choose.... But if you are just wanting to at least get started, and your home is where it needs to happen, then get a pair of dumbbells and implement some work for your muscles to chew on every day.


Eldrid 2:16 PM  

So true Kathrine!

sv: om du går inn på denne sida, kan du laste opp bilder og redigere dem som du vil, gratis, og så legger jeg dem innpå maskina etterpå, for så og legge dem inn på bloggen.
Veldig enkelt.

Du e bare toppers. Blir like glad hver gang jeg er innpå her. Det er som å få litt frisk luft i seg selv:)

Glad i deg!

Mrs.JKunde 8:22 PM  

Eldrid!!! Takk TAKK! =) Å så gøy et program å bruke... jeg testa det ut som du ser på det neste innlegget

Ska du å Martin på Get Focused? DETH ska nemli vi!! Håpa på en skikkeli Eldrid-klem!!

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