Hopes up!

This week has been incredible. I simply feel like jumping around with joy, in my one piece, all day long. 

"You have permission to get your hopes up" -Danny Silk

That quote has been echoing over my head whenever my dreams seemed distant..
Pursuing a career as a fitness instructor has been a working project for a while. Many times I`ve wanted to quit, give up or just run away. But taking it one day at the time,  one goal ahead of me, I now find myself helping unique people reach their fitness goals.
This week for example, I got to sub the popular work out class "Briathlon" at my gym. As a first timer instructing a body sculpt class for well trained people, I was a little nervous. Very nervous actually. I cannot even tell you how many times I have attended fitness classes and envisioned myself as the instructor. And all of a sudden (not without a process of course) here it was... my first opportunity to instruct a class like that. If you ask me how it went, I might or might not have learned more what to not do. =) But the good news is that I did "good" and was asked to do it again tonight. WOOH

Some exercises I've done this week
  • assisted pull up
  • barbell bent over row
  • barbell side bent
  • cable seated row
  • abdominal reverse curl
  • bar crunch
I did 15 reps, then 10, then 5 with raising the weight every time. After a 20 sec. rest I would go back down same reps. The result... my muscles felt like jello. Love it!
I do miss going for long runs outside. It is just to cold.. But I am really enjoying keeping my focus on strength training. Every day I jump on a stationary bike and do Spinning intervals. They are great for  working on strength in leg muscles and to get the pulse going.

Breakfast! Oat meal is healthy fast food. Just add hot water. Boom.
Thank you for reading my post today, I hope your day is amazing and full of hope! 
What could you be more hopeful about?


Kristina og Petter 1:17 PM  

So inspiring, beautiful!
Koser meg sånn med å følge med på bloggen din, Kathrine. Du er så nydelig!

Cynthia Asayo, in BC Canada,  1:21 PM  

Katrine, I love reading your posts and i do find them encouraging as I hope to some time soon, fit some gym time back in my busy life. Congrats on making it thru ur first briathalon class and hope for many more opps for you in the future! Gud velsigne deg! Cynthia Asayo (in the Great White North)

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