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There are allot of myths going around about exercising. How to loose fat, how to get "long and lean" muscles, 12-minute work outs etc. I have definitely wished for shortcuts in life, but have found a few things to be really true for fitness. Our bodies cannot be tricked into looking or feeling a certain way. One thing to always remember is that we are all different and respond in different ways to working out! For someone who is new to training with weights, your body can respond quick to training with weights and build muscle - and therefore possibly see the percentage of fat go down. This does not necessarily mean to loose weight. 

But here are some pointers on how to build muscle/tone up/define

  • Make sure you are eating enough - You wont build if you are`nt getting enough calories
  • Train with heavy weights - yes ladies, even you. I know allot of woman don`t want to "bulk!!!" but the thing is that it takes ALLOT for woman to build muscle. I`m talking hours and hours in the gym everyday, and"special" protein drinks for every meal. So don`t be afraid to push yourself when training.
  • Be consistent - Don`t give you muscles too long of breaks =)
  • Have fun - mix up your work out routine and enjoy it
  • Let stress go - muscle weigh more then fat AND burns way more.  Roughly one kilo muscle can burn 20-30 calories a day, half a kilo of fat can burn 5 calories pr day. This means that the more muscle you have the more calories your burning. So work towards your goal and don't worry about looking like someone else. You are amazing - just the way you are!
I have been training specifically with this goal in mind for about a year now. And before that I have been working out at the gym for about 8 years. I have a good definition to mu muscle, but I promise you - they are not bulky and crazy looking.  My experience is that training with weights, even if it is just body weight, is very fun and rewarding. Exercising is sooo much more than just having a relationship to a treadmill. It`s working hard, it`s challenging yourself to new levels, it is You living in your body for the rest of your life.



Sky 11:17 PM  

You are amazing! So true. I was scared to lift heavy weights in the beginning out of fear i would bulk up more...It has been good and I am seeing definition finally ;o) thanks

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