7 foods that boost my metabolism

Now that January is here, and summer is just around the corner, I want to boost my metabolism and get rid of stored up fat in my body by eating amazing, healthy and vibrant foods. Detoxing, dieting and working out is on our minds and sometimes the last little push we need before we start feeling and seeing results is by focusing on what kind of food we eat. I try to stay with colorful fresh organic foods.. Most of them are super tasty and there are endless possibilities for use. I will post a recipe later on today for my curry carrot salad. But first, here are a few of the food items I eat allot of and that keeps my metabolism working great:
  • Water, H20 - I try to drink allot of water, always!
  • Apples, Green ones, red ones, yellow ones... apple sauce
  • Grapefruit - It`s rich in fiber and is known to break down fat stored in our bodies..Ah yey!
  • Green tea - I LOVE my cup of tea
  • Vegetables like spinach, carrots and broccoli - Salad days!!
  • Oat meal - It doesnt sound very good, but I have a phenomenal recipe that I`ll be posting soon.
  • Curry - a powerful antioxidant 

5-6 smaller meals a day will be of great benefit to your metabolic system, as well as staying active.
Happy Healthy Wednesday!


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