Honey, what`s for dinner?

Basil. The perfect addition to a freshly boiled spaghetti dish. Rich in flavor, pairs well with garlic and tomatoes. I`m not sure I wanna call my sauce Pesto, because I skip the Parmesan cheese and the cooking part of it. But how about this;
 Adds new items to my list of foods that I have eaten this week. Do you remember I challenged you to count food items? Eating natural foods is exciting, I love being creative with the vegetables I have brought home from the store. And it`s so healthy for me.

Here are some my values, as far as what I eat most days;
I try to avoid anything white (bread, pasta white rice), fast food, soda, cakes, pastries, juice, candy, chips, processed meats and dairy, American cheese, canned foods high in sodium, other foods high in trans fat or sodium and processed grains (bleached flour etc). I am also careful about hydrogenated oils, foods with long shelf life and, uhm.. think that was it.

I choose real natural foods for most of my meals. Lots of vegetables, fruit, herbs, nuts, natural grains, as far as animal products goes - I use mostly organic, I get the grass fed meat if possible etc. These food items can be found at your local natural food market. Whenever I am in Yuba City I visit; The Sunflower Natural Food Market, they sell fresh out of the oven GF brownies, all kinds of beautiful organically grown foods, plus the staff there are super nice!
Anyway, back to my dinner. Even further back... to where I am wondering what to dish up. Jeffrey should be finishing up playing worship at church, and here it is on a text: "Honey what`s for dinner?".
I spy the basil in the fridge, the color makes me think of pistachios and.. I have one tomato left. Jeffrey will be home in about, 8 minutes. Ok, here we go. So I throw the pasta in a pot of boiling water, I let my vita-mix take care of 1/2 cup of pistachios, 2 cups of basil, 3 tbs of olive oil, one tomato and a clove of garlic while I check on the golden beets I`m heating up from earlier on.
He walks in the door, tells me it smells great, gives me a kiss, sits down at the dinner table, takes a bite... Then he tells me he likes it. Not sure about the beets (men in general?). But the pasta with the pesto sauce, he loves it. I feel like a super woman at this point.
And that`s how you dish up a perfect dairy, gluten and egg free meal in just a few minutes.


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