Inside the run

There is a point you get to, when working out becomes a part of you, and you no longer have to be concerned about how hard it feels, or who`s watching. Your confidence is telling you that your body is ready for the challenge and nothing can stop you.

I woke up and felt an urge to accomplish. My work out clothes had been picked the night before, all I had to do was to get myself to the gym. The treadmill was waiting for me. I felt like everyone at the gym was cheering for me, without any words being spoken.

The first mile was easy, second and third too. My shuffle worked with me today and I found myself tearing up while listening to "sing my love" by Jesusculture. At around 12 minutes, my sweat glands starts to kick in.
I`m thinking about what I have done so far in this run, and I wonder if I can do another 3 miles. The rain is pouring down outside. I imagine me outside in this moment, my face would be all wet and cold, my feet would be soaked. Glad to be inside. Kudos to all of you that run outside in the winter!

The song fades and a man voice is telling me "you have accomplished 5 miles". My in ears are falling out every now and then. I can do this.
For a second I get upset that the in ears wont stay in place. I need the music! There`s a really good part in this Coldplay song coming up. So I push them back in. My anticipation is not let down. Good job Chris Martin. Strongly consider listening to that song one more time.
Ok, where am I.. 6.34 miles. Could I do another 6 miles? Slowly I become aware of the tiredness in my heart. Rats, I`m out of water. And the in ears are falling out again. Fine, I accept the change, take them out and quickly notice the cute older couple walking on the treadmill next to me.

They are discussing wine but turn the subject to be about olive oil. The lady shares about her trip to Italy, where she tried olive oils, but found them to be too strong. The man likes his oil strong, he wants it to taste like an olive.
I get aware of myself again. Can someone please notice that I`m out of aqua. And that I`m running very far!?
Luckily, the older man turns to me and asks how far I`m going. I smile and proudly tell him all about it. Then I thank him for distracting me from my 7th mile.
The thought about doubling the miles gets shut down fast. My body is getting ready to rest and the feeling of having accomplished is mine. There it is, 8.3 miles/13 Km. Ah yey, I did it.  I beat my longest run by 0.9 mile =)

There`s a "wild card" in the board game Apples to Apples that says Inside the sun. It`s our favorite card. It always wins. Thought of that as I named this post Inside the run. Anyways.. ;)
Happy Thursday!


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