A Fundraiser and 4 favorites

Hi Everyone! I hope You are doing wonderful today. Thanks again for reading my blog, I love hearing back from you all whether over e-mail or in person ;)

One of the projects I am working on this week is for Saturday when we will have a race-day (testing our fitness level in spinning) and do a fundraiser at Everyday Fitness. We want to support the Haven Humane society here in Redding by gathering money, pet-food and warm blankets for lost, homeless and abused animals. If YOU wanna help out you are welcome to bring your support to Everyday Fitness (2345 Athens ave.) on Saturday March 26th, between 9am and 1pm.

Anyway, here are four favorites of mine this week:

The Stair-master - climbing stairs is a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness! I love this simple yet super effective work out that will target the lower body especially your legs and buttocks. It will also burn calories and improve balance. I especially like the real old stair-master that has actual steps as oppose to the steps that follow your feet.

Udi`s Vanilla Granola - For a while I was trying to make my own granola, but every time it would burn, or just not get all crunchy like granola should be. Maybe I just don't have the patience to make granola (there`s is quit a few steps to it!!)... But I found what I was looking for in Udi`s gluten/soy/dairy/egg free vanilla granola. Theres like 4 ingredients total, it`s super tasty (I love anything vanilla), crunchy and just perfect to eat after a work out session. Here is how I eat my granola:

Spring - Yesterday was the first day of spring and hurray for that =)

Basil Honey salad - This is one of the simplest yet most tasty salads ever. I could eat this salad for the rest of my life and be happy. The ingredients are: Romain lettuce, fresh basil leaves (cut up) then add a dash of olive oil/red wine vinegar/balsamic vinegar/honey and mix well. Yum!



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