Homemade fruit and nut dressing

 After visiting the grocery store yesterday I came home with fresh flowers, green juice and more vegetables then ever before. Herbs and plants adds so much to a home, especially the kitchen.

My fresh green vegetable juice consisted of spinach, cucumber, celery and apples and it was really good. I love fresh raw juice.

I found a new product at Trader Joe`s - called Prune Walnut log. They are cut up in little slices, soft and round (kind of a little fruit cracker). On the package they recommended to pair it with cheese. I say it will pair great as a salad dressing! Something sweet (the prune), something crunchy (the walnut), add some garlic cloves and olive oil... and just drizzle on a salad. This will make any "boring" salad extremely exciting.
How to make the dressing:
  1. Put the slices of prune walnut log in a kitchen machine
  2. Add 3-4 Tbs good olive oil
  3. Add 2-3 cloves of garlic 
  4. Blend for a few minutes
  5. Mix the dressing with a nice salad (mine had romaine lettuce, macha, arugula, cucumbers and heirloom tomatoes)
This type of salad dressing can also be made with other types of nuts and dried fruit. For example, almonds and apricot. Or, hazelnuts and cranberries.
Making your own dressing isa great way to make sure that the dressing you and your family use, is not full of high fructose corn sugar and other additives.
I am off to instruct a spinning class right now. Not sure if I`m all the way ready for it, still sore from the Thursday class. =)
-Happy Saturday-


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