Being sick is one of my least favorite ways to spend days. As little as have happened during these 24 hours spent in bed with a fever, cough and crazy headache; I feel like it`s been my very own season of  the TV-show 24.
Every single task seems dramatic and overwhelmingly impossible. Jack Bauer has 8 minutes to get to the other side of town, check the perimeter, find the hostages, release the hostages, find the bomb, find out if it really is a bomb and deactivate it.
In as little time as possible, I have to get out of my bed to our far away downstairs kitchen, fill up my water cup etc. Same level of difficulty. =)

Anyway, It`s a good sign that I`m writing a post, yey for recovery.

As far as medicine goes when you need it to be gluten free;
- Airborne (vitamins) is completely gluten free - your good to go on that one. 
- As far as painkillers - Target sells ibuprofen that is clearly marked gluten free.
- Mucinex might not be marked so clearly, but is in fact gluten free. 

More importantly then medicine is to allow our bodies rest - and allot of it. Same with water.
Have a beautiful day!


Teresa 2:52 AM  

Pei pa koa is pretty decent cough medicine (from herbal as I remembered), great non alcoholic medicine, some western cough medicine are more effective, but this is non drowsy.

You can access info online @

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