a little update and laundry

Wow all of a sudden things got really busy! My days have been packed with instructing classes and training people. 
I am also working on a new website that will be replacing my blog - it is so so incredible and I cannot wait to show you all!!!! =) I`ll let you know when it`s ready to launch...

Laundry. That thing that we always have to do, that thing that we will never run out of =). Lately I`ve refreshed my times of laundry by adding a little scent. It`s weird how such a little adjustment can make a boring tasks very ...nice. It started when I bought an unscented laundry detergent. I was hoping to escape the added chemicals. But without any scent the laundry was just clean - without the clean smell.
I decided to add some drops of equalyptus oil to my laundry and instantly my whole laundry experience changed. The garage (where my laundry machine is) smells fresh and nice and our clothes too! Love it. I`m pondering on getting a few more scents like lemon, mint and vanilla to add to my landry ;)



Eldrid 7:24 PM  

ÅÅÅ så spennende!gleder meg til å se...veit at det bli bra:)
Glede meg til å se deg om ikke så altfor lenge:)


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