Soup and snow

 Yesterday we spent the day in a truck, around Mt. Lassen area, hunting down the perfect Christmas tree. The snow was beautiful and powdery. My thoughts wandered to back in the days when I would go snowboarding with my friends. They were completely in to it, and living it up. I would enjoy watching snow sport people. One kind  had the newest gear and clothes. Obviously they had spent lots of money on having the coolest jacket and colorful ski pants. Up in the slope, ready to take on the challenging down hill, I would quickly learn that they were not very good at their chosen sport. On the other hand I learned about another type of people up there; those people that looked like they went in the neighbors barn and dug out an old snow jacket from 20 years ago. They would just cruise down hill like it was nobodies business - like as if it was the easiest thing in the world. 
Ya, I was neither. I did not have the gear and I never got good. =) But what I was left with, was lots of good memories from trying, bruising and crying. =) The magical view and peacefulness of sitting on the lift up a hill is difficult to describe, it has to be experienced.My favorite part.
Being outside in the snow yesterday quickly reminded me of how it is like to be cold. It just creeps up your back, your feet get wet. Oh how I hated being dunked in the snow by the boys in school, I mean seriously - that was just plain unfair.
Anyways, all this led to craving something that would really warm me up. Something tasty and fresh. After searching through my fridge, I landed on using my tomatoes on the vine. Fresh, full of vitamins and so easy to use. Here is my recipe for a simple, creamed and delicious tomato soup. 

Simple, creamed
-Tomato Soup- 
For 2 people you need

15 small tomatoes
3-4 Cups of water
Dash of salt and pepper
1-2 tbs. whipping cream
1 can of tomato sauce/paste
1-2 tbs. maple syrup

optional - 3-4 eggs hard boiled, dipping bread
  • Cut the tomatoes in cubes and let boil with a cup of water for about 20 minutes
  • Add the can of tomato sauce and water. 
  • Add maple syrup and spice
  • Stir in desired amount of whipping cream - I only use a dash because it still makes the soup creamy. I don't prefer my soup very thick. But make it how you like it.
  • Keep cooking the soup for another 10-15 minutes.
  • Let the eggs boil for about 8 minutes, make sure you poke a tiny whole in them. 
  • Cool the eggs under running cold water, peel and cut into pieces and add to the soup. 

My husband was quick to praise me for this soup. He claimed it was THE best soup I have ever served him. Trust me, he is a picky eater so I'm excited to hear that from him. He finished up all the soup and ended the meal with saying how warm he was. Yes, this soup will surely warm you up on a cold winter day.  
What is you favorite soup?


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