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As a Personal trainer I wanna help you get the body and the fitness level you desire. Through an on going relationship as we meet for continuous work out sessions, you will see massive changes in your bodily health. This will take place at Redding`s finest gym Everyday Fitness, where you don`t even have to be a member to train with me!

My strength is making exercise enjoyable. By using many different methods and equipment, loosing weight, getting the abs of your dreams or toning up will be "mission possible"!
  I am constantly working to advance my own fitness level and through that I stay knowledgeable and on the edge of this profession.
Maybe you used to be in really good shape. You feel like your always on a new diet, you cant seem to loose the babyweight, or you really dont have any motivation, I can help.

I am extremely passionate about fitness and health and offer quality service to my clients. Contact me for a chat, questions and possibly a free work out session.
530 510 3215
or ask for me at Everyday Fitness


Pittelille 2:16 PM  

YES!!!Come on!
TRY the FREE work-out with Kat and you will have an amazing experience! I know this for a fact!
Kat is AMAZING!!!

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