A perfect run

It takes some Right conditions to have a great run! What time of the day, when was your last meal, weather (if you run outside..), trail - hills, flat road ect, I think even your emotions can have an affect on a run.
Earlier this week I had the roughest time getting down a really good run. My Monday run was super long, my legs felt heavy and my body just didn`t wanna co-operate. On Tuesday I went to the gym, did some exercises for my arms and had planned to run home because we only had one car this week so Jeffrey dropped me off there. And that run was only about 2.7 miles, but with all the hills that Redding has to offer, it turned out to be a heavy intense interval training!!
It is frustrating to not achieve fully what you set out to do. That night I could not sleep very well, so I started thinking about how it would be like if I ran farther then what I had so far. I thought about what route that could be in Redding, I considered hills, I even planned out that I probably should try to run at a different time of the day then what I had previously done this week.
The next morning when I woke up I knew I had to test it out!
I got my running shoes on, my heart rate monitor, I checked the temperature outside..... the conditioned seemed perfect. But I could still be fooled. My body could say no. I started out slowly, allowing my body to get ready. A mile and a half in to my run I started building great hopes for this run. I felt ready for more..
About 3 miles in to it I found a water fountain like I had hoped for, snacked on a fig before I quickly continued my run. At this point I felt completely renewed. At about mile 5,7 I had another stop for water and the last fig. I knew I could keep going! The last couple of miles I was able to keep up with the steady pace and made it home, having finished 8.1 miles/12KM in 1 hour and 16 minutes. 

Here is me after getting home...
I am stoked to say it mildly. Focusing on doing a huge load of cardio for a season, is unexpectedly turning out to be really exciting and fulfilling! Marathon runners run this loop 3 times plus 2 more miles......... Crazy!!!!

Anyway, just instructed a Spinning class at Everyday Fitness. The rest of the day is kinda vacation...... Jeffrey and I will relax and have FUN! Maybe go Christmas shopping. It`s only a week now until we fly to Norway for a weekend. Hurray!!


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