Active Rest - Tricep dip challenge!

I wrote in an earlier post that I work out most everyday and if I don`t, that is an exception. I wanted to clarify what I do on all those days.  After a challenging work out, our bodies need rest to recover. Muscles that are being worked will need to rebuild in a proper time format. Depending on the work out, and the muscles used, it can take a shorter or longer amount of time. Even diet can play a part here (lack of certain vitamins etc).
So on the days when I am not too sore but still not ready yet for a new work out, I will spend the day(s) doing active rest.  For an athlete, it is the better way to spend the days in between competition (according to research). As for the non-athlete that I am, active rest simply means keeping my focus on giving my body a physical challenge. On those days I go for walks, deep clean the house, take my cruiser out for a bikeride (LOVE those bikes), or maybe some light Spinning or jump rope.

Another fun thing to do is to introduce time challenge on these days. You can take easy exercises that can be done at home or almost anywhere and add a time challenge to it (It works even if you are spending the day traveling, or you are visiting family). Here is my time challenge for this week. I chose to use my arms since my legs are sore and useless from my last work out.
Join me by doing the same and share your test score with me on my comments.


  • Find a stabile chair or bench
  • Position your hands shoulder width apart
  • Move you body in front of the bench with your legs bent and feet placed hip width apart
  • Straighten out your arms, but keep a little bend in your elbow to keep the tension on the triceps
  • Slowly bend at your elbows and lower yourself down towards the floor til your arms are at a 90% angle
  • Keep your back close to the bench
  • Now push yourself back up in to the starting position. 
PS: keep your neck relaxed. As you get stronger, straighten your leg out, or even alternate using one leg at the time

Set your timer as a stop watch ( I use my phone) just before you start, see how many minutes it takes for you to do 100 of these. Write down the test score and don`t forget to share your score in the comment!

I did 100 tricep dips on this video in 2.53 sec. I wanna keep doing the challenge and see the time improve. See the video of it in post below.


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